Rintagi is the world's first fully open source low-code development platform. Build responsive mission-critical database systems with beautiful web interface. The only code you need to worry about is unique business rules on three tiers. Both High Productivity and High Control on a patented self-generating platform.

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Rintagi Low-Code-Development-Platform

The world’s first open-source low-code development platform for mission-critical applications. Build beautiful, responsive mission-critical database systems and limitless enterprise-grade applications with our patented futureproof platform.

Most enterprise software applications today are hand-crafted and hand-coded. This process is slow, expensive and can result in inconsistencies. Moreover, it is a considerable challenge to keep up with ever-changing technologies.

Rintagi automates the software development process of a business saving on valuable resources. With simple visual drag-and-drop interfaces, Rintagi allows both business analysts and developers to design, develop, deploy and rejuvenate mission-critical applications with speed, ease, and performance.

Applications can be extended without any restrictions by adding unique business rules. The unique architecture of Rintagi allows it to rejuvenate the applications it builds while rejuvenating itself. The platform requires low maintenance and adapts easily to changing technology and business requirements.

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We host detailed cross-functional and Rintagi training videos on our website, and maintain a comprehensive Rintagi user guide.


To clone and run this application, you'll need the below dependencies installed on your computer.


Access a step by step guide on the installation of the master package with which you can create a development package for custom applications. Changes made to the master package can also be applied to developed applications.


  • High Productivity
  • High Control
  • Futureproof Applications
  • Futureproof Platform
  • Change-on-the-fly
  • Late-change-no-penalty
  • Massive Scalability
  • Built-in Security


Please read CONTRIBUTING.md for details on our code of conduct, and share completed Contributor License Agreement before submitting pull requests.



All demos and examples, whether in a code project’s repository or displayed on rintagi.com, are released under the terms of Rintagi Community Version Software License.