Alpine with pre-packaged tools such as curl, DNS Utils, Git, PSQL, jq & Git under 20Mb

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Alpine Powerhouse

A docker image for running alpine with already built in tools such as curl, dig, git, psql, jq, ssh, kubectl

This can be useful for debugging or CI purposes

The VERSION file contains the alpine release to be used as base.


$ docker pull stangirard/alpine-powerhouse
$ docker run --rm stangirard/alpine-powerhouse curl https://primates.dev
$ docker run -it stangirard/alpine-powerhouse bash

Base image


Included packages from base image:

  • Curl
  • DNS Lookup utility
  • jq
  • psql-client
  • git
  • ssh
  • kubectl

Check the installed tools

docker run -it --rm --entrypoint="./startup.sh" stangirard/alpine-powerhouse

curl 7.74.0
DiG 9.16.11
psql (PostgreSQL) 13.1
git version 2.30.0
OpenSSH_8.4p1, OpenSSL 1.1.1i  8 Dec 2020
Kubectl {Major:"1", Minor:"20" }