Serverless Framework in docker with NodeJS, Python & AWS CLI

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Serverless Docker

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A docker image for running serverless commands.

This can be useful for building and deploying serverless stacks from CI environments.

The VERSION file contains the serverless release to be built.


$ docker pull stangirard/serverless
$ docker run --rm stangirard/serverless serverless --version

Base image

Debian Slim Buster

Included packages from base image:

  • aws-cli.
  • Python 3.7.9
  • NodeJS 12.x

Check the installed tools

docker run -it --rm --entrypoint="./startup.sh" stangirard/serverless

Python 3.7.9
aws-cli/2.1.4 Python/3.7.3 Linux/5.4.39-linuxkit exe/x86_64.debian.10
node v12.20.0
yarn 1.22.5
serverless Framework Core: 2.12.0
Plugin: 4.1.2
SDK: 2.3.2
Components: 3.4.2

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