Export Costs to CSV, HTML, GSheets, Prometheus for AWS & Azure

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brew tap stangirard/tap
brew install pricy



If you are using sso for credentials on aws

pricy --sso


Cloud Providers

These are the flags required for enabling a cloud provider

  • --aws - Enable AWS
    • --sso: Use sso for credentials for aws
  • --azure - Enable Azure
    • subscription: Azure subscription id you want the report to be generated for

Flags for configuration

There are a couple of parameters that you can use

  • --details: Show the details of the report with the pricing by service
  • --csv: Output the report as csv to reports.csv
  • --evolution: Show the evolution of the report as evolution.csv
  • --days: Number of days to look back for
  • --interval: Date Interval on which the report is generated (Default last 14 days) (Format: YYYY-MM-DD:YYYY-MM-DD)
  • --granularity: Granularity of the report, can be daily, monthly
  • --html: Output the report as html to pricy.html
  • --prometheus: Outputs as prometheus metrics on http://localhost:2112/metrics that can be scraped by prometheus
  • --gsheets: Outputs the report to a google sheets spreadsheet


Generate a Google Spreadsheet

You need to export the variable GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS to the path of your json file which contains your OAuth2 credentials. In oder to get the credentials, you follow this guide:

export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS="/path/to/credentials.json"
pricy --aws --sso --csv --gsheet --days 30


HTML Report Generation

pricy --aws --sso --days 150 --granularity monthly --html

Generates a report for the price starting a 150 days ago


Prometheus Metrics

pricy --aws --sso --prometheus  

Generates the prometheus metrics for the price updating every 8 hours