Advanced Github OSINT Framework

Primary LanguagePythonGNU General Public License v3.0GPL-3.0


A framework for gathering open-source intelligence on GitHub users, repositories and organizations

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Refer to the Wiki for installation instructions, in addition to all other documentation.


  • Fetches an organization's profile information
  • Fetches an oganization's events
  • Returns an organization's repositories
  • Returns an organization's public members
  • Fetches a repository's information
  • Returns a repository's contributors
  • Returns a repository's languages
  • Fetches a repository's stargazers
  • Fetches a repository's forks
  • Fetches a repository's releases
  • Returns a list of files in a specified path of a repository
  • Fetches a user's profile information
  • Returns a user's gists
  • Returns organizations that a user owns/belongs to
  • Fetches a user's events
  • Fetches a list of users followed by the target
  • Fetches a user's followers
  • Checks if user A follows user B
  • Checks if user is a public member of an organizations
  • Returns a user's subscriptions
  • Gets a user's subscriptions
  • Gets a user's events
  • Searches users
  • Searches repositories
  • Searches topics
  • Searches issues
  • Searches commits
  • Automatically logs network activity (.logs folder)
  • User can view, read and delete logs
  • All the above can be used with command-line arguments (PyPI Package only)
  • ...And more


Octosuite automatically logs network and user activity of each session, the logs are saved by date and time in the .logs folder





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