It's like curl -v, with colours.

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

But seriously, https://github.com/reorx/httpstat is the new hotness, and this is a shameless rip off.


httpstat requires Go 1.20 or later.

go install github.com/davecheney/httpstat@latest


httpstat https://example.com/


  • Windows/BSD/Linux supported.
  • HTTP and HTTPS are supported, for self signed certificates use -k.
  • Skip timing the body of a response with -I.
  • Follow 30x redirects with -L.
  • Change HTTP method with -X METHOD.
  • Provide a PUT or POST request body with -d string. To supply the PUT or POST body as a file, use -d @filename.
  • Add extra request headers with -H 'Name: value'.
  • The response body is usually discarded, you can use -o filename to save it to a file, or -O to save it to the file name suggested by the server.
  • HTTP/HTTPS proxies supported via the usual HTTP_PROXY/HTTPS_PROXY env vars (as well as lower case variants).
  • Supply your own client side certificate with -E cert.pem.


Bug reports are most welcome, but with the exception of #5, this project is closed.

Pull requests must include a fixes #NNN or updates #NNN comment.

Please discuss your design on the accompanying issue before submitting a pull request. If there is no suitable issue, please open one to discuss the feature before slinging code. Thank you.