Minimalist developer portfolio using Next.js 14, React, TailwindCSS, Shadcn UI and Magic UI

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Portfolio Deploy with Vercel

Built with next.js, shadcn/ui, and magic ui, deployed on Vercel.


  • Setup only takes a few minutes by editing the single config file
  • Built using Next.js 14, React, Typescript, Shadcn/UI, TailwindCSS, Framer Motion, Magic UI
  • Includes a blog
  • Responsive for different devices
  • Optimized for Next.js and Vercel

Getting Started Locally

  1. Clone this repository to your local machine:

    git clone https://github.com/dillionverma/portfolio
  2. Move to the cloned directory

    cd portfolio
  3. Install dependencies:

    pnpm install
  4. Start the local Server:

    pnpm dev
  5. Open the Config file and make changes


Licensed under the MIT license.