Arch Linux bootstrapper and configs

Primary LanguageShell


These dotfiles are handled internally by Stow and live in the stowable directory.
Each "package" has its own folder containing the various configs.

By default, configs are linked from within ~/.config/<package>.
To change the default, create a .stowtarget file in the package with the desired path.


  • Clone this repo and run stowable/bin/dotfiles from a terminal.
  • To reverse changes, run dotfiles clean. To re-stow, just run dotfiles.

Full System Install

Setting up a new Arch Linux system is handled by DASHit.

  1. Obtain and boot the latest Arch ISO
  2. Configure and run DASHit:
    export DASHIT_ENVIRONMENTS="i3,sway"
    export DASHIT_DOTFILES_BRANCH="master"
    export DASHIT_DOTFILES_REPO="https://github.com/dshoreman/dotfiles.git"
    export DASHIT_BROWSERS="chromium,firefox,vivaldi"
    export DASHIT_TERMINALS="foot,kitty,alacritty"
    export DASHIT_FF_LOCALE="en-gb"
    export DASHIT_SIZE_ESP=779
    export DASHIT_SIZE_SWAP=35
    curl -Lo dashit https://github.com/dshoreman/dashit/releases/latest/download/dashit
    chmod +x dashit
    ./dashit -v -d /dev/nvme0n1