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FluidDoc consolidates all the documentations related to Paddle. It supplies the contents to PaddlePaddle.org via CI.


FluidDoc submodules Paddle, Book under external folder. All submodules should be put under external as standard practice.

FluidDoc then uses them as references to load up the documents. The FluidDoc constructs the whole doc-tree under the FluidDoc/doc/fluid folder. The entry point is FluidDoc/doc/fluid/index_cn.rst and FluidDoc/doc/fluid/index_en.rst

When a release branch is pushed to Github, Travis-CI will start automatically to compile documents and deploy documents to the server.


FluidDoc needs Paddle python module to compile API documents. Unfortunately, compiling Paddle python module takes longer time Travis CI permits. Usually Travis CI will fail due because of timeout. That's why there three jobs on Travis, two of them are to build libraries. Once the libraries are cached on the Travis, next build will be a lot faster.

Preview with PPO

To preview documents constructured by FluidDoc. Please follow the regular preview step, but replace the path to paddle with the path to FluidDoc ./runserver --paddle <path_to_FluidDoc_dir>

Publish New release

  1. Checkout a new release branch. The branch name should follow release/<version>
  2. Update the documentations on the submodules or within FluidDoc
  3. Make sure all the submodules are ready for release. Paddle, book should all have stable commits. Note: Paddle repo should update the API RST files accordinly if Paddle changes the included module/classes.
  4. Update the submodules under external folder and commit the changes.
  5. Git push the branch to Github, Travis CI will start several builds to publish the documents to the PaddlePaddle.org server
  6. Please notify the PaddlePaddle.org team that the release content is ready. PaddlePaddle.org team should enable the version and update the default version to the latest one. PaddlePaddle.org should also update the search index accordingly (Until the search server is up)