Zenburn2012 is a dark-background, low-contrast theme for the NetBeans 7.2 IDE

#NOTICE!!! As of NetBeans 7.3, all work on Zenburn2012 has ceased. Fortunately, the project has been resurrected, with major NetBeans 7.3 improvements, as ZenburnX. You are encouraged to check out the new theme, here: https://github.com/elimc/ZenburnX/.

#Zenburn2012 Zenburn2012 is a dark-background, low-contrast theme for the NetBeans 7.2 IDE


I created Zenburn2012, because the current default NetBeans themes were created by A) A tyrannical despot bent on destroying programmer's eyeballs, or B) a Computer Scientist. I have extended this theme from the excellent zenburn theme created by ideea. This is the location of the original ideea theme: http://forums.netbeans.org/topic29869.html or here: https://github.com/paololus/NetBeans-Custom-Themes/downloads. While ideea's theme was very good, NetBeans has continued to add support for different languages. I have been using Zenburn2012 with the beta version of NetBeans 7.2, with it's new features. UPDATE: NetBeans 7.2 is now out and you should upgrade if you haven't done so already.

Improvements over the original zenburn through support for:

  1. Apache Config Files
  2. Neon Files
  3. Smarty Templates
  4. A few other small things


Download the archive called Zenburn2012.zip. Now you must select the archive in NetBeans. Go to Tools => Options => Font & Colors => Import => Browse... Select the All button and then OK. NOTE: You might not see any changes until you restart NetBeans.



.htaccess file example


neon file example


php file example

Smarty Templates

smarty file example


How will this theme affect the design of the editor itself?

The current design makes people want to immediately stab their eyeballs with knives. However, Zenburn2012 should make minor improvements in the ability of your eyeballs to code for long periods of time.

Shutup and take my money!

The theme is free. I cannot take your money. However, you may contribute by forking the project and improving it. I will merge any improvements you have made into the theme on GitHub.

You sound a little bitter about the UI of NetBeans.

If any of the current NetBeans programmers read this, please note that I would be happy to do some mockups of what an attractive UI would look like. Just drop me a line and I would be happy to move NetBeans in the right direction.