Home of the Flutter Casual Games Toolkit and other Flutter gaming templates

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Home to the official code for the Flutter Casual Games Toolkit and other Flutter gaming templates.

Visit flutter.dev/games for more information.

If you're new to Flutter, you first need to install the Flutter SDK.


The projects in this repository are divided into two broad categories:

  1. Templates. A small number of starting points for your game project. Templates are intended to give you a simple project structure on top of which you can build your game. They differ to accommodate different game types, from the simplest casual games through drag&drop board games to 2D platformers.

  2. Samples. Intended to show functionality beyond the basics, such as multiplayer or ads integration.

├── templates
│   ├── basic
│   ├── card
│   └── endless_runner
└── samples
    ├── ads
    ├── multiplayer
    └── ...

How to use

  1. Clone this repository.

    To minimize download size, you can use a partial clone:

    git clone --filter=blob:none https://github.com/flutter/games.git

    (Alternatively, you can download the ZIP file and uncompress it on your workstation.)

  2. cd into the project you are interested in. For example:

    cd templates/card

    (Alternatively, you can copy the contents of a project to somewhere else, and change to that directory.)

  3. (Optional) Rename the project with the rename tool.

  4. Open the project in your favorite editor and enjoy.

Interested in contributing?

See the contributor's guide!

Questions or issues?

If you have a general question about one of these samples or how to adapt its techniques for one of your own apps, try one of these resources:

If you run into a bug in one of the samples, please file an issue in the flutter/flutter issue tracker.