Grunt task for importing main files from Bower and inserting them into an HTML document.

Primary LanguageJavaScript


grunt-insertbower is a Grunt task for analyzing the main files from your installed Bower components and inserting them in order into HTML documents.


  • Grunt
  • Bower

How to use it

  insertbower: {
    options: {
      types: {
        css: true,
        js: {
          ext: '.es6',
          tag: '<script src="%s" async></script>'
    files: {
      '.tmp/test.html': 'test/test.html'

The import_types option specifies which types of main files you'd like to import from your Bower packages. Each object you pass can include a dest value, which determines where the matching main files will end up, and a tag attribute, which will be used when inserting the matching main files into the list of HTML documents.