Fluwix: A Flutter showcase platform on the mobile apps and web.

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Fluwix (formerly Flutter Widgets Explorer) PRs Welcome

The Fluwix is a Flutter showcases platform on the mobile apps and web.

Get it on Google Play

Alternatively, you can see it on the web at fluwix.com.

Getting Started

The first screen launched in the app is a list of showcases. After select a showcase, the selected showcase details will show on next screen.

Main Listing Screen

Each showcase will be coded in it's own branch and module, can have it's own readme or license file, please see Steps To Add Your Showcase for more information.


Main Screen
base: Basic skeleton of the Fluwix project. If you would like to create similar project, you can start here!
Nested List Screen
nested_list: Nested horizontal list with dynamic content in vertical list items.
Tab Buttons Screen
tab_buttons: tabbar where each tab indicator is a toggle button.
Stock Chart Screen
stock_chart: Stock candlestick or line chart with indicators support.
Expansion/Collapse View
expansion_collapse_view: Expansion/Collapse view using Flutter built-in widgets.
Charts Gallery
charts_gallery: Charts Gallery show case the data visualization capability of the charts_flutter package.
Chart & Data Table Screen
chart_data_table: Real world quarterly results in combo chart and tabular format.
Syntax View Screen
syntax_view: View code, copy and paste.
Animated Icons Screen
animated_icons: Animate any two icons.
URL Launcher Screen
url_launcher_showcase: Launch a URL to browse website, make phone call, send Email or SMS.
Markdown View Screen
markdown_view: Display Markdown file from Github repository.
Shimmer Effect
shimmer_effect: Better way to show loading status.
About Dialog Screen
about_dialog: About the application and licenses.
Source Code View
source_code_view: Share your source code of Github public repository.
Showcase View
showcase_view: Showcase your widget with read me, codes and license.
Material Design Showcase Screen
material_design_showcase: Showcase Material Design components.
Percent Indicator Showcase Screen
percent_indicator_showcase: Showcase Circular and Linear percent indicators.
Glassmorphism Design Screen
glassmorphism_design: Simplify the creation of Glassmorphic Container.
Neumorphism Design Screen
neumorphism_design: A complete, ready to use, Neumorphic UI kit.
Settings UI Showcase Screen
settings_ui_showcase: Create native settings for Flutter app in minutes.
Search Bar Showcase Screen
search_bar: An expandable floating search bar similar to the one Google used in their own apps.
Rich Text Editor Screen
rich_text_editor: FlutterQuill: A rich text editor for Flutter.
Number Trivia Screen
number_trivia: Flutter App Architecture with flutter_bloc or flutter_clean_architecture.

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