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__   __ __  __  ____   ___      _________________________________________
||   || ||  || ||  || ||__      Hugs 98: Based on the Haskell 98 standard
||___|| ||__|| ||__||  __||     Copyright (c) 1994-2006
||---||         ___||           World Wide Web: http://haskell.org/hugs
||   ||                         Report bugs to: hugs-bugs@haskell.org
||   || Version:    May 2006    _________________________________________


   We are pleased to announce a new release of Hugs98, an interpreter
   and programming environment for developing Haskell programs.

   In addition to numerous bug fixes, changes since the interim release
   in March 2005 include:

   - The default current module is now the empty module Hugs.
   - Compatibility libraries are present, but no longer included on the
     default search path.  They will be removed in the next release.
   - Rewritten graphical Windows interface (contributed by Neil Mitchell).

   Further changes since the last major release in November 2003 include:

   - The Char type and the Char module now support Unicode as specified
     in the Haskell 98 Report (contributed by Dmitry Golubovsky).
   - The new -X option groups several options into one argument.
   - The syntax of the ffihugs command has changed: the +G and +L options
     are gone, and a new +i option can be used to specify include files.
   - Hugs now has basic support for Cabal.

   The home page for Hugs is at http://haskell.org/hugs.

   Send email to hugs-users-request@haskell.org to join the hugs-users
   mailing list.  Bug reports should be sent to hugs-bugs@haskell.org.
   Send email to hugs-bugs-request@haskell.org to subscribe to the
   hugs-bugs list.

 The Hugs 98 system is Copyright (c) Mark P Jones, Alastair Reid, the
 Yale Haskell Group, and the OGI School of Science & Engineering at OHSU,
 1994-2005, All rights reserved.  It is distributed as free software under
 the license in the file "License", which is included in the distribution.