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API Description Call this API
IP Stack Locate and Identify Website Visitors by IP Address Run In Postman
Marketstack Free, easy-to-use REST API interface delivering worldwide stock market data in JSON format Run In Postman
Weatherstack Retrieve instant, accurate weather information for any location in the world in lightweight JSON format Run In Postman
Numverify Global Phone Number Validation & Lookup JSON API Run In Postman
Fixer Fixer is a simple and lightweight API for current and historical foreign exchange (forex) rates. Run In Postman

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API Description Auth Call this API
HTTP Cat Cat for every HTTP Status No Run In Postman
Sportmonks Football Football score/schedule, news API, tv channels, stats, history, display standing e.g. epl, la liga apiKey Run In Postman
Google Maps Create/customize digital maps based on Google Maps data apiKey Run In Postman
Notion Integrate with Notion apiKey Run In Postman
Plaid Connect with user's bank accounts and access transaction data apiKey Run In Postman

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
AdoptAPet Resource to help get pets adopted apiKey Yes Yes
Axolotl Collection of axolotl pictures and facts No Yes No
Cat Facts Daily cat facts No Yes No
Cataas Cat as a service (cats pictures and gifs) No Yes No
Cats Pictures of cats from Tumblr apiKey Yes No
Dog Facts Random dog facts No Yes Yes
Dog Facts Random facts of Dogs No Yes Yes
Dogs Based on the Stanford Dogs Dataset No Yes Yes
eBird Retrieve recent or notable birding observations within a region apiKey Yes No
FishWatch Information and pictures about individual fish species No Yes Yes
HTTP Cat Cat for every HTTP Status No Yes Yes
HTTP Dog Dogs for every HTTP response status code No Yes Yes
IUCN IUCN Red List of Threatened Species apiKey No No
MeowFacts Get random cat facts No Yes No
Movebank Movement and Migration data of animals No Yes Yes
Petfinder Petfinder is dedicated to helping pets find homes, another resource to get pets adopted apiKey Yes Yes
PlaceBear Placeholder bear pictures No Yes Yes
PlaceDog Placeholder Dog pictures No Yes Yes
PlaceKitten Placeholder Kitten pictures No Yes Yes
RandomDog Random pictures of dogs No Yes Yes
RandomDuck Random pictures of ducks No Yes No
RandomFox Random pictures of foxes No Yes No
RescueGroups Adoption No Yes Unknown
Shibe.Online Random pictures of Shiba Inu, cats or birds No Yes Yes
The Dog A public service all about Dogs, free to use when making your fancy new App, Website or Service apiKey Yes No
xeno-canto Bird recordings No Yes Unknown
Zoo Animals Facts and pictures of zoo animals No Yes Yes

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
AniAPI Anime discovery, streaming & syncing with trackers OAuth Yes Yes
AniDB Anime Database apiKey No Unknown
AniList Anime discovery & tracking OAuth Yes Unknown
AnimeChan Anime quotes (over 10k+) No Yes No
AnimeFacts Anime Facts (over 100+) No Yes Yes
AnimeNewsNetwork Anime industry news No Yes Yes
Catboy Neko images, funny GIFs & more No Yes Yes
Danbooru Anime Thousands of anime artist database to find good anime art apiKey Yes Yes
Jikan Unofficial MyAnimeList API No Yes Yes
Kitsu Anime discovery platform OAuth Yes Yes
MangaDex Manga Database and Community apiKey Yes Unknown
Mangapi Translate manga pages from one language to another apiKey Yes Unknown
MyAnimeList Anime and Manga Database and Community OAuth Yes Unknown
NekosBest Neko Images & Anime roleplaying GIFs No Yes Yes
Shikimori Anime discovery, tracking, forum, rates OAuth Yes Unknown
Studio Ghibli Resources from Studio Ghibli films No Yes Yes
Trace Moe A useful tool to get the exact scene of an anime from a screenshot No Yes No
Waifu.im Get waifu pictures from an archive of over 4000 images and multiple tags No Yes Yes
Waifu.pics Image sharing platform for anime images No Yes No

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
AbuseIPDB IP/domain/URL reputation apiKey Yes Unknown
AlienVault Open Threat Exchange (OTX) IP/domain/URL reputation apiKey Yes Unknown
CAPEsandbox Malware execution and analysis apiKey Yes Unknown
Google Safe Browsing Google Link/Domain Flagging apiKey Yes Unknown
MalDatabase Provide malware datasets and threat intelligence feeds apiKey Yes Unknown
MalShare Malware Archive / file sourcing apiKey Yes No
MalwareBazaar Collect and share malware samples apiKey Yes Unknown
Metacert Metacert Link Flagging apiKey Yes Unknown
NoPhishy Check links to see if they're known phishing attempts apiKey Yes Yes
Phisherman IP/domain/URL reputation apiKey Yes Unknown
Scanii Simple REST API that can scan submitted documents/files for the presence of threats apiKey Yes Yes
URLhaus Bulk queries and Download Malware Samples No Yes Yes
URLScan.io Scan and Analyse URLs apiKey Yes Unknown
VirusTotal VirusTotal File/URL Analysis apiKey Yes Unknown
Web of Trust IP/domain/URL reputation apiKey Yes Unknown

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Art & Design

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Améthyste Generate images for Discord users apiKey Yes Unknown
Art Institute of Chicago Art No Yes Yes
Colormind Color scheme generator No No Unknown
ColourLovers Get various patterns, palettes and images No No Unknown
Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum apiKey Yes Unknown
Dribbble Discover the world’s top designers & creatives OAuth Yes Unknown
EmojiHub Get emojis by categories and groups No Yes Yes
Europeana European Museum and Galleries content apiKey Yes Unknown
Harvard Art Museums Art apiKey No Unknown
Icon Horse Favicons for any website, with fallbacks No Yes Yes
Iconfinder Icons apiKey Yes Unknown
Icons8 Icons (find "search icon" hyperlink in page) No Yes Unknown
Lordicon Icons with predone Animations No Yes Yes
Metropolitan Museum of Art Met Museum of Art No Yes No
Noun Project Icons OAuth No Unknown
PHP-Noise Noise Background Image Generator No Yes Yes
Pixel Encounter SVG Icon Generator No Yes No
Rijksmuseum RijksMuseum Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Word Cloud Easily create word clouds apiKey Yes Unknown
xColors Generate & convert colors No Yes Yes

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Authentication & Authorization

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Auth0 Easy to implement, adaptable authentication and authorization platform apiKey Yes Yes
GetOTP Implement OTP flow quickly apiKey Yes No
Micro User Service User management and authentication apiKey Yes No
MojoAuth Secure and modern passwordless authentication platform apiKey Yes Yes
SAWO Labs Simplify login and improve user experience by integrating passwordless authentication in your app apiKey Yes Yes
Stytch User infrastructure for modern applications apiKey Yes No
Warrant APIs for authorization and access control apiKey Yes Yes

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS Call this API
Bitquery Onchain GraphQL APIs & DEX APIs apiKey Yes Yes
Chainlink Build hybrid smart contracts with Chainlink No Yes Unknown
Chainpoint Chainpoint is a global network for anchoring data to the Bitcoin blockchain No Yes Unknown
Covalent Multi-blockchain data aggregator platform apiKey Yes Unknown
Etherscan Ethereum explorer API apiKey Yes Yes Run in Postman
Helium Helium is a global, distributed network of Hotspots that create public, long-range wireless coverage No Yes Unknown
Nownodes Blockchain-as-a-service solution that provides high-quality connection via API apiKey Yes Unknown
Steem Blockchain-based blogging and social media website No No No
The Graph Indexing protocol for querying networks like Ethereum with GraphQL apiKey Yes Unknown
Walltime To retrieve Walltime's market info No Yes Unknown
Watchdata Provide simple and reliable API access to Ethereum blockchain apiKey Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
A Bíblia Digital Do not worry about managing the multiple versions of the Bible apiKey Yes No
Bhagavad Gita Open Source Shrimad Bhagavad Gita API including 21+ authors translation in Sanskrit/English/Hindi apiKey Yes Yes
Bhagavad Gita Bhagavad Gita text OAuth Yes Yes
Bhagavad Gita telugu Bhagavad Gita API in telugu and odia languages No Yes Yes
Bible-api Free Bible API with multiple languages No Yes Yes
British National Bibliography Books No No Unknown
Crossref Metadata Search Books & Articles Metadata No Yes Unknown
Ganjoor Classic Persian poetry works including access to related manuscripts, recitations and music tracks OAuth Yes Yes
Google Books Books OAuth Yes Unknown
GurbaniNow Fast and Accurate Gurbani RESTful API No Yes Unknown
Gutendex Web-API for fetching data from Project Gutenberg Books Library No Yes Unknown
Open Library Books, book covers and related data No Yes No
Penguin Publishing Books, book covers and related data No Yes Yes
PoetryDB Enables you to get instant data from our vast poetry collection No Yes Yes
Quran RESTful Quran API with multiple languages No Yes Yes
Quran Cloud A RESTful Quran API to retrieve an Ayah, Surah, Juz or the entire Holy Quran No Yes Yes
Quran-api Free Quran API Service with 90+ different languages and 400+ translations No Yes Yes
Rig Veda Gods and poets, their categories, and the verse meters, with the mandal and sukta number No Yes Unknown
The Bible Everything you need from the Bible in one discoverable place apiKey Yes Unknown
Thirukkural 1330 Thirukkural poems and explanation in Tamil and English No Yes Yes
Vedic Society Descriptions of all nouns (names, places, animals, things) from vedic literature No Yes Unknown
Wizard World Get information from the Harry Potter universe No Yes Yes
Wolne Lektury API for obtaining information about e-books available on the WolneLektury.pl website No Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS Call this API
Apache Superset API to manage your BI dashboards and data sources on Superset apiKey Yes Yes
Charity Search Non-profit charity data apiKey No Unknown
Clearbit Logo Search for company logos and embed them in your projects apiKey Yes Unknown
Domainsdb.info Registered Domain Names Search No Yes No
Freelancer Hire freelancers to get work done OAuth Yes Unknown
Gmail Flexible, RESTful access to the user's inbox OAuth Yes Unknown
Google Analytics Collect, configure and analyze your data to reach the right audience OAuth Yes Unknown
Instatus Post to and update maintenance and incidents on your status page through an HTTP REST API apiKey Yes Unknown
Mailchimp Send marketing campaigns and transactional mails apiKey Yes Unknown
mailjet Marketing email can be sent and mail templates made in MJML or HTML can be sent using API apiKey Yes Unknown
markerapi Trademark Search No No Unknown
ORB Intelligence Company lookup apiKey Yes Unknown
Redash Access your queries and dashboards on Redash apiKey Yes Yes
Smartsheet Allows you to programmatically access and Smartsheet data and account information OAuth Yes No
Square Easy way to take payments, manage refunds, and help customers checkout online OAuth Yes Unknown Run in Postman
SwiftKanban Kanban software, Visualize Work, Increase Organizations Lead Time, Throughput & Productivity apiKey Yes Unknown
Tenders in Hungary Get data for procurements in Hungary in JSON format No Yes Unknown
Tenders in Poland Get data for procurements in Poland in JSON format No Yes Unknown
Tenders in Romania Get data for procurements in Romania in JSON format No Yes Unknown
Tenders in Spain Get data for procurements in Spain in JSON format No Yes Unknown
Tenders in Ukraine Get data for procurements in Ukraine in JSON format No Yes Unknown
Tomba email finder Email Finder for B2B sales and email marketing and email verifier apiKey Yes Yes
Trello Boards, lists and cards to help you organize and prioritize your projects OAuth Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Abstract Public Holidays Data on national, regional, and religious holidays via API apiKey Yes Yes
Calendarific Worldwide Holidays apiKey Yes Unknown
Checkiday - National Holiday API Industry-leading Holiday API. Over 5,000 holidays and thousands of descriptions. Trusted by the World’s leading companies apiKey Yes Unknown
Church Calendar Catholic liturgical calendar No No Unknown
Czech Namedays Calendar Lookup for a name and returns nameday date No No Unknown
Festivo Public Holidays Fastest and most advanced public holiday and observance service on the market apiKey Yes Yes
Google Calendar Display, create and modify Google calendar events OAuth Yes Unknown
Hebrew Calendar Convert between Gregorian and Hebrew, fetch Shabbat and Holiday times, etc No No Unknown
Holidays Historical data regarding holidays apiKey Yes Unknown
LectServe Protestant liturgical calendar No No Unknown
Nager.Date Public holidays for more than 90 countries No Yes No
Namedays Calendar Provides namedays for multiple countries No Yes Yes
Non-Working Days Database of ICS files for non working days No Yes Unknown
Non-Working Days Simple REST API for checking working, non-working or short days for Russia, CIS, USA and other No Yes Yes
Russian Calendar Check if a date is a Russian holiday or not No Yes No
UK Bank Holidays Bank holidays in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland No Yes Unknown

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Cloud Storage & File Sharing

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS Postman
AnonFiles Upload and share your files anonymously No Yes Unknown
BayFiles Upload and share your files No Yes Unknown
Box File Sharing and Storage OAuth Yes Unknown
ddownload File Sharing and Storage apiKey Yes Unknown
Dropbox File Sharing and Storage OAuth Yes Unknown Run in Postman
File.io Super simple file sharing, convenient, anonymous and secure No Yes Unknown
Filestack Filestack File Uploader & File Upload API apiKey Yes Unknown
GoFile Unlimited size file uploads for free apiKey Yes Unknown
Google Drive File Sharing and Storage OAuth Yes Unknown
Gyazo Save & Share screen captures instantly apiKey Yes Unknown
Imgbb Simple and quick private image sharing apiKey Yes Unknown
OneDrive File Sharing and Storage OAuth Yes Unknown
Pantry Free JSON storage for small projects No Yes Yes
Pastebin Plain Text Storage apiKey Yes Unknown
Pinata IPFS Pinning Services API apiKey Yes Unknown
Quip File Sharing and Storage for groups apiKey Yes Yes
Storj Decentralized Open-Source Cloud Storage apiKey Yes Unknown
The Null Pointer No-bullshit file hosting and URL shortening service No Yes Unknown
Web3 Storage File Sharing and Storage for Free with 1TB Space apiKey Yes Yes

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Continuous Integration

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Azure DevOps Health Resource health helps you diagnose and get support when an Azure issue impacts your resources apiKey No No
Bitrise Build tool and processes integrations to create efficient development pipelines apiKey Yes Unknown
Buddy The fastest continuous integration and continuous delivery platform OAuth Yes Unknown
CircleCI Automate the software development process using continuous integration and continuous delivery apiKey Yes Unknown
Codeship Codeship is a Continuous Integration Platform in the cloud apiKey Yes Unknown
Travis CI Sync your GitHub projects with Travis CI to test your code in minutes apiKey Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
0x API for querying token and pool stats across various liquidity pools No Yes Yes
1inch API for querying decentralize exchange No Yes Unknown
Alchemy Ethereum Ethereum Node-as-a-Service Provider apiKey Yes Yes
apilayer coinlayer Real-time Crypto Currency Exchange Rates apiKey Yes Unknown
Binance Exchange for Trading Cryptocurrencies based in China apiKey Yes Unknown
Bitcambio Get the list of all traded assets in the exchange No Yes Unknown
BitcoinAverage Digital Asset Price Data for the blockchain industry apiKey Yes Unknown
BitcoinCharts Financial and Technical Data related to the Bitcoin Network No Yes Unknown
Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Trading Platform apiKey Yes Unknown
Bitmex Real-Time Cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform based in Hong Kong apiKey Yes Unknown
Bittrex Next Generation Crypto Trading Platform apiKey Yes Unknown
Block Bitcoin Payment, Wallet & Transaction Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Blockchain Bitcoin Payment, Wallet & Transaction Data apiKey Yes Unknown
blockfrost Cardano Interaction with the Cardano mainnet and several testnets apiKey Yes Unknown
Brave NewCoin Real-time and historic crypto data from more than 200+ exchanges apiKey Yes Unknown
BtcTurk Real-time cryptocurrency data, graphs and API that allows buy&sell apiKey Yes Yes
Bybit Cryptocurrency data feed and algorithmic trading apiKey Yes Unknown
CoinAPI All Currency Exchanges integrate under a single api apiKey Yes No
Coinbase Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum Prices apiKey Yes Unknown
Coinbase Pro Cryptocurrency Trading Platform apiKey Yes Unknown
CoinCap Real time Cryptocurrency prices through a RESTful API No Yes Unknown
CoinDCX Cryptocurrency Trading Platform apiKey Yes Unknown
CoinDesk CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) in multiple currencies No Yes Unknown
CoinGecko Cryptocurrency Price, Market, and Developer/Social Data No Yes Yes
Coinigy Interacting with Coinigy Accounts and Exchange Directly apiKey Yes Unknown
Coinlib Crypto Currency Prices apiKey Yes Unknown
Coinlore Cryptocurrencies prices, volume and more No Yes Unknown
CoinMarketCap Cryptocurrencies Prices apiKey Yes Unknown
Coinpaprika Cryptocurrencies prices, volume and more No Yes Yes
CoinRanking Live Cryptocurrency data apiKey Yes Unknown
Coinremitter Cryptocurrencies Payment & Prices apiKey Yes Unknown
CoinStats Crypto Tracker No Yes Unknown
CryptAPI Cryptocurrency Payment Processor No Yes Unknown
CryptingUp Cryptocurrency data No Yes Unknown
CryptoCompare Cryptocurrencies Comparison No Yes Unknown
CryptoMarket Cryptocurrencies Trading platform apiKey Yes Yes
Cryptonator Cryptocurrencies Exchange Rates No Yes Unknown
dYdX Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange apiKey Yes Unknown
Ethplorer Ethereum tokens, balances, addresses, history of transactions, contracts, and custom structures apiKey Yes Unknown
EXMO Cryptocurrencies exchange based in UK apiKey Yes Unknown
FTX Complete REST, websocket, and FTX APIs to suit your algorithmic trading needs apiKey Yes Yes
Gateio API provides spot, margin and futures trading operations apiKey Yes Unknown
Gemini Cryptocurrencies Exchange No Yes Unknown
Hirak Exchange Rates Exchange rates between 162 currency & 300 crypto currency update each 5 min, accurate, no limits apiKey Yes Unknown
Huobi Seychelles based cryptocurrency exchange apiKey Yes Unknown
icy.tools GraphQL based NFT API apiKey Yes Unknown
Indodax Trade your Bitcoin and other assets with rupiah apiKey Yes Unknown
INFURA Ethereum Interaction with the Ethereum mainnet and several testnets apiKey Yes Yes
Kraken Cryptocurrencies Exchange apiKey Yes Unknown
KuCoin Cryptocurrency Trading Platform apiKey Yes Unknown
Localbitcoins P2P platform to buy and sell Bitcoins No Yes Unknown
Mempool Bitcoin API Service focusing on the transaction fee No Yes No
MercadoBitcoin Brazilian Cryptocurrency Information No Yes Unknown
Messari Provides API endpoints for thousands of crypto assets No Yes Unknown
Nexchange Automated cryptocurrency exchange service No No Yes
Nomics Historical and realtime cryptocurrency prices and market data apiKey Yes Yes
NovaDax NovaDAX API to access all market data, trading management endpoints apiKey Yes Unknown
OKEx Cryptocurrency exchange based in Seychelles apiKey Yes Unknown
Poloniex US based digital asset exchange apiKey Yes Unknown
Solana JSON RPC Provides various endpoints to interact with the Solana Blockchain No Yes Unknown
Technical Analysis Cryptocurrency prices and technical analysis apiKey Yes No
VALR Cryptocurrency Exchange based in South Africa apiKey Yes Unknown
WorldCoinIndex Cryptocurrencies Prices apiKey Yes Unknown
ZMOK Ethereum JSON RPC API and Web3 provider No Yes Unknown

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Currency Exchange

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
1Forge Forex currency market data apiKey Yes Unknown
Amdoren Free currency API with over 150 currencies apiKey Yes Unknown
apilayer fixer.io Exchange rates and currency conversion apiKey No Unknown
Bank of Russia Exchange rates and currency conversion No Yes Unknown
Currency-api Free Currency Exchange Rates API with 150+ Currencies & No Rate Limits No Yes Yes
CurrencyFreaks Provides current and historical currency exchange rates with free plan 1K requests/month apiKey Yes Yes
Currencylayer Exchange rates and currency conversion apiKey Yes Unknown
CurrencyScoop Real-time and historical currency rates JSON API apiKey Yes Yes
Czech National Bank A collection of exchange rates No Yes Unknown
Economia.Awesome Portuguese free currency prices and conversion with no rate limits No Yes Unknown
ExchangeRate-API Free currency conversion apiKey Yes Yes
Exchangerate.host Free foreign exchange & crypto rates API No Yes Unknown
Exchangeratesapi.io Exchange rates with currency conversion apiKey Yes Yes
Frankfurter Exchange rates, currency conversion and time series No Yes Yes
FreeForexAPI Real-time foreign exchange rates for major currency pairs No Yes No
National Bank of Poland A collection of currency exchange rates (data in XML and JSON) No Yes Yes
VATComply.com Exchange rates, geolocation and VAT number validation No Yes Yes

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Data Validation

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS Call this API
Lob.com US Address Verification apiKey Yes Unknown
Postman Echo Test api server to receive and return value from HTTP method No Yes Unknown Run in Postman
PurgoMalum Content validator against profanity & obscenity No No Unknown
US Autocomplete Enter address data quickly with real-time address suggestions apiKey Yes Yes
US Extract Extract postal addresses from any text including emails apiKey Yes Yes
US Street Address Validate and append data for any US postal address apiKey Yes Yes
vatlayer VAT number validation apiKey Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
24 Pull Requests Project to promote open source collaboration during December No Yes Yes
Abstract Screenshot Take programmatic screenshots of web pages from any website apiKey Yes Yes
Agify.io Estimates the age from a first name No Yes Yes
API Grátis Multiples services and public APIs No Yes Unknown
ApicAgent Extract device details from user-agent string No Yes Yes
ApiFlash Chrome based screenshot API for developers apiKey Yes Unknown
apilayer userstack Secure User-Agent String Lookup JSON API OAuth Yes Unknown
APIs.guru Wikipedia for Web APIs, OpenAPI/Swagger specs for public APIs No Yes Unknown
Azure DevOps The Azure DevOps basic components of a REST API request/response pair apiKey Yes Unknown
Base Building quick backends apiKey Yes Yes
Beeceptor Build a mock Rest API endpoint in seconds No Yes Yes
Bitbucket Bitbucket API OAuth Yes Unknown
Blague.xyz La plus grande API de Blagues FR/The biggest FR jokes API apiKey Yes Yes
Blitapp Schedule screenshots of web pages and sync them to your cloud apiKey Yes Unknown
Blynk-Cloud Control IoT Devices from Blynk IoT Cloud apiKey No Unknown
Bored Find random activities to fight boredom No Yes Unknown
Brainshop.ai Make A Free A.I Brain apiKey Yes Yes
Browshot Easily make screenshots of web pages in any screen size, as any device apiKey Yes Yes
CDNJS Library info on CDNJS No Yes Unknown
Changelogs.md Structured changelog metadata from open source projects No Yes Unknown
Ciprand Secure random string generator No Yes No
Cloudflare Trace Get IP Address, Timestamp, User Agent, Country Code, IATA, HTTP Version, TLS/SSL Version & More No Yes Yes
Codex Online Compiler for Various Languages No Yes Unknown
Contentful Images Used to retrieve and apply transformations to images apiKey Yes Yes
CORS Proxy Get around the dreaded CORS error by using this proxy as a middle man No Yes Yes
CountAPI Free and simple counting service. You can use it to track page hits and specific events No Yes Yes
Databricks Service to manage your databricks account,clusters, notebooks, jobs and workspaces apiKey Yes Yes
DigitalOcean Status Status of all DigitalOcean services No Yes Unknown
Docker Hub Interact with Docker Hub apiKey Yes Yes
DomainDb Info Domain name search to find all domains containing particular words/phrases/etc No Yes Unknown
ExtendsClass JSON Storage A simple JSON store API No Yes Yes
GeekFlare Provide numerous capabilities for important testing and monitoring methods for websites apiKey Yes Unknown
Genderize.io Estimates a gender from a first name No Yes Yes
GETPing Trigger an email notification with a simple GET request apiKey Yes Unknown
Ghost Get Published content into your Website, App or other embedded media apiKey Yes Yes
GitHub Make use of GitHub repositories, code and user info programmatically OAuth Yes Yes
Gitlab Automate GitLab interaction programmatically OAuth Yes Unknown
Gitter Chat for Developers OAuth Yes Unknown
Glitterly Image generation API apiKey Yes Yes
Google Docs API to read, write, and format Google Docs documents OAuth Yes Unknown
Google Firebase Google's mobile application development platform that helps build, improve, and grow app apiKey Yes Yes
Google Fonts Metadata for all families served by Google Fonts apiKey Yes Unknown
Google Keep API to read, write, and format Google Keep notes OAuth Yes Unknown
Google Sheets API to read, write, and format Google Sheets data OAuth Yes Unknown
Google Slides API to read, write, and format Google Slides presentations OAuth Yes Unknown
Gorest Online REST API for Testing and Prototyping OAuth Yes Unknown
Hasura GraphQL and REST API Engine with built in Authorization apiKey Yes Yes
Heroku REST API to programmatically create apps, provision add-ons and perform other task on Heroku OAuth Yes Yes
host-t.com Basic DNS query via HTTP GET request No Yes No
Host.io Domains Data API for Developers apiKey Yes Yes
HTTP2.Pro Test endpoints for client and server HTTP/2 protocol support No Yes Unknown
Httpbin A Simple HTTP Request & Response Service No Yes Yes
Httpbin Cloudflare A Simple HTTP Request & Response Service with HTTP/3 Support by Cloudflare No Yes Yes
Hunter API for domain search, professional email finder, author finder and email verifier apiKey Yes Unknown
IBM Text to Speech Convert text to speech apiKey Yes Yes
Icanhazepoch Get Epoch time No Yes Yes
Icanhazip IP Address API No Yes Yes
IFTTT IFTTT Connect API No Yes Unknown
Image-Charts Generate charts, QR codes and graph images No Yes Yes
import.io Retrieve structured data from a website or RSS feed apiKey Yes Unknown
ip-fast.com IP address, country and city No Yes Yes
IP2WHOIS Information Lookup WHOIS domain name lookup apiKey Yes Unknown
ipfind.io Geographic location of an IP address or any domain name along with some other useful information apiKey Yes Yes
IPify A simple IP Address API No Yes Unknown
IPinfo Another simple IP Address API No Yes Unknown
jsDelivr Package info and download stats on jsDelivr CDN No Yes Yes
JSON 2 JSONP Convert JSON to JSONP (on-the-fly) for easy cross-domain data requests using client-side JavaScript No Yes Unknown
JSONbin.io Free JSON storage service. Ideal for small scale Web apps, Websites and Mobile apps apiKey Yes Yes
Kroki Creates diagrams from textual descriptions No Yes Yes
License-API Unofficial REST API for choosealicense.com No Yes No
Logs.to Generate logs apiKey Yes Unknown
Lua Decompiler Online Lua 5.1 Decompiler No Yes Yes
MAC address vendor lookup Retrieve vendor details and other information regarding a given MAC address or an OUI apiKey Yes Yes
Micro DB Simple database service apiKey Yes Unknown
MicroENV Fake Rest API for developers No Yes Unknown
Mocky Mock user defined test JSON for REST API endpoints No Yes Yes
MY IP Get IP address information No Yes Unknown
Nationalize.io Estimate the nationality of a first name No Yes Yes
Netlify Netlify is a hosting service for the programmable web OAuth Yes Unknown
NetworkCalc Network calculators, including subnets, DNS, binary, and security tools No Yes Yes
npm Registry Query information about your favorite Node.js libraries programatically No Yes Unknown
OneSignal Self-serve customer engagement solution for Push Notifications, Email, SMS & In-App apiKey Yes Unknown
Open Page Rank API for calculating and comparing metrics of different websites using Page Rank algorithm apiKey Yes Unknown
OpenAPIHub The All-in-one API Platform X-Mashape-Key Yes Unknown
OpenGraphr Really simple API to retrieve Open Graph data from an URL apiKey Yes Unknown
oyyi API for Fake Data, image/video conversion, optimization, pdf optimization and thumbnail generation No Yes Yes
PageCDN Public API for javascript, css and font libraries on PageCDN apiKey Yes Yes
Postman Tool for testing APIs apiKey Yes Unknown
ProxyCrawl Scraping and crawling anticaptcha service apiKey Yes Unknown
ProxyKingdom Rotating Proxy API that produces a working proxy on every request apiKey Yes Yes
Pusher Beams Push notifications for Android & iOS apiKey Yes Unknown
QR code Create an easy to read QR code and URL shortener No Yes Yes
QR code Generate and decode / read QR code graphics No Yes Unknown
Qrcode Monkey Integrate custom and unique looking QR codes into your system or workflow No Yes Unknown
QuickChart Generate chart and graph images No Yes Yes
Random Stuff Can be used to get AI Response, jokes, memes, and much more at lightning-fast speed apiKey Yes Yes
Rejax Reverse AJAX service to notify clients apiKey Yes No
ReqRes A hosted REST-API ready to respond to your AJAX requests No Yes Unknown
RSS feed to JSON Returns RSS feed in JSON format using feed URL No Yes Yes
SavePage.io A free, RESTful API used to screenshot any desktop, or mobile website apiKey Yes Yes
ScrapeNinja Scraping API with Chrome fingerprint and residential proxies apiKey Yes Unknown
ScraperApi Easily build scalable web scrapers apiKey Yes Unknown
scraperBox Undetectable web scraping API apiKey Yes Yes
scrapestack Real-time, Scalable Proxy & Web Scraping REST API apiKey Yes Unknown
ScrapingAnt Headless Chrome scraping with a simple API apiKey Yes Unknown
ScrapingDog Proxy API for Web scraping apiKey Yes Unknown
ScreenshotAPI.net Create pixel-perfect website screenshots apiKey Yes Yes
Serialif Color Color conversion, complementary, grayscale and contrasted text No Yes No
serpstack Real-Time & Accurate Google Search Results API apiKey Yes Yes
Sheetsu Easy google sheets integration apiKey Yes Unknown
Sonar Project Sonar DNS Enumeration API No Yes Yes
SonarQube SonarQube REST APIs to detect bugs, code smells & security vulnerabilities OAuth Yes Unknown
StackExchange Q&A forum for developers OAuth Yes Unknown
Statically A free CDN for developers No Yes Yes
Supportivekoala Autogenerate images with template apiKey Yes Yes
Tyk Api and service management platform apiKey Yes Yes
Wandbox Code compiler supporting 35+ languages mentioned at wandbox.org No Yes Unknown
WebScraping.AI Web Scraping API with built-in proxies and JS rendering apiKey Yes Yes
ZenRows Web Scraping API that bypasses anti-bot solutions while offering JS rendering, and rotating proxies apiKey Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Chinese Character Web Chinese character definitions and pronunciations No No No
Chinese Text Project Online open-access digital library for pre-modern Chinese texts No Yes Unknown
Collins Bilingual Dictionary and Thesaurus Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Free Dictionary Definitions, phonetics, pronounciations, parts of speech, examples, synonyms No Yes Unknown
Indonesia Dictionary Indonesia dictionary many words No Yes Unknown
Lingua Robot Word definitions, pronunciations, synonyms, antonyms and others apiKey Yes Yes
Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus Data apiKey Yes Unknown
OwlBot Definitions with example sentence and photo if available apiKey Yes Yes
Oxford Dictionary Data apiKey Yes No
Synonyms Synonyms, thesaurus and antonyms information for any given word apiKey Yes Unknown
Wiktionary Collaborative dictionary data No Yes Yes
Wordnik Dictionary Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Words Definitions and synonyms for more than 150,000 words apiKey Yes Unknown

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Documents & Productivity

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Airtable Integrate with Airtable apiKey Yes Unknown
Api2Convert Online File Conversion API apiKey Yes Unknown
apilayer pdflayer HTML/URL to PDF apiKey Yes Unknown
Asana Programmatic access to all data in your asana system apiKey Yes Yes
ClickUp ClickUp is a robust, cloud-based project management tool for boosting productivity OAuth Yes Unknown
Clockify Clockify's REST-based API can be used to push/pull data to/from it & integrate it with other systems apiKey Yes Unknown
CloudConvert Online file converter for audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet, presentation apiKey Yes Unknown
Cloudmersive Document and Data Conversion HTML/URL to PDF/PNG, Office documents to PDF, image conversion apiKey Yes Yes
Code::Stats Automatic time tracking for programmers apiKey Yes No
CraftMyPDF Generate PDF documents from templates with a drop-and-drop editor and a simple API apiKey Yes No
Flowdash Automate business workflows apiKey Yes Unknown
Html2PDF HTML/URL to PDF apiKey Yes Unknown
iLovePDF Convert, merge, split, extract text and add page numbers for PDFs. Free for 250 documents/month apiKey Yes Yes
JIRA JIRA is a proprietary issue tracking product that allows bug tracking and agile project management OAuth Yes Unknown
Mattermost An open source platform for developer collaboration OAuth Yes Unknown
Mercury Web parser apiKey Yes Unknown
Monday Programmatically access and update data inside a monday.com account apiKey Yes Unknown
Notion Integrate with Notion OAuth Yes Unknown
PandaDoc DocGen and eSignatures API apiKey Yes No
Pocket Bookmarking service OAuth Yes Unknown
Podio File sharing and productivity OAuth Yes Unknown
PrexView Data from XML or JSON to PDF, HTML or Image apiKey Yes Unknown
Restpack Provides screenshot, HTML to PDF and content extraction APIs apiKey Yes Unknown
Todoist Todo Lists OAuth Yes Unknown
Smart Image Enhancement API Performs image upscaling by adding detail to images through multiple super-resolution algorithms apiKey Yes Unknown
Vector Express v2.0 Free vector file converting API No Yes No
WakaTime Automated time tracking leaderboards for programmers No Yes Unknown
Zube Full stack project management OAuth Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Abstract Email Validation Validate email addresses for deliverability and spam apiKey Yes Yes
apilayer mailboxlayer Email address validation apiKey Yes Unknown
Cloudmersive Validate Validate email addresses, phone numbers, VAT numbers and domain names apiKey Yes Yes
Disify Validate and detect disposable and temporary email addresses No Yes Yes
DropMail GraphQL API for creating and managing ephemeral e-mail inboxes No Yes Unknown
EVA Validate email addresses No Yes Yes
Guerrilla Mail Disposable temporary Email addresses No Yes Unknown
ImprovMX API for free email forwarding service apiKey Yes Unknown
Kickbox Email verification API No Yes Yes
mail.gw 10 Minute Mail No Yes Yes
mail.tm Temporary Email Service No Yes Yes
MailboxValidator Validate email address to improve deliverability apiKey Yes Unknown
MailCheck.ai Prevent users to sign up with temporary email addresses No Yes Unknown
Mailtrap A service for the safe testing of emails sent from the development and staging environments apiKey Yes Unknown
Sendgrid A cloud-based SMTP provider that allows you to send emails without having to maintain email servers apiKey Yes Unknown
Sendinblue A service that provides solutions relating to marketing and/or transactional email and/or SMS apiKey Yes Unknown
Verifier Verifies that a given email is real apiKey Yes Yes

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
chucknorris.io JSON API for hand curated Chuck Norris jokes No Yes Unknown
Corporate Buzz Words REST API for Corporate Buzz Words No Yes Yes
Excuser Get random excuses for various situations No Yes Unknown
Fun Fact A simple HTTPS api that can randomly select and return a fact from the FFA database No Yes Yes
Imgflip Gets an array of popular memes No Yes Unknown
Meme Maker REST API for create your own meme No Yes Unknown
NaMoMemes Memes on Narendra Modi No Yes Unknown
Random Useless Facts Get useless, but true facts No Yes Unknown
Techy JSON and Plaintext API for tech-savvy sounding phrases No Yes Unknown
Yo Momma Jokes REST API for Yo Momma Jokes No Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
BreezoMeter Pollen Daily Forecast pollen conditions data for a specific location apiKey Yes Unknown
Carbon Interface API to calculate carbon (C02) emissions estimates for common C02 emitting activities apiKey Yes Yes
Climatiq Calculate the environmental footprint created by a broad range of emission-generating activities apiKey Yes Yes
Cloverly API calculates the impact of common carbon-intensive activities in real time apiKey Yes Unknown
CO2 Offset API calculates and validates the carbon footprint No Yes Unknown
Danish data service Energi Open energy data from Energinet to society No Yes Unknown
GrünstromIndex Green Power Index for Germany (Grünstromindex/GSI) No No Yes
IQAir Air quality and weather data apiKey Yes Unknown
Luchtmeetnet Predicted and actual air quality components for The Netherlands (RIVM) No Yes Unknown
National Grid ESO Open data from Great Britain’s Electricity System Operator No Yes Unknown
OpenAQ Open air quality data apiKey Yes Unknown
PM2.5 Open Data Portal Open low-cost PM2.5 sensor data No Yes Unknown
PM25.in Air quality of China apiKey No Unknown
PVWatts Energy production photovoltaic (PV) energy systems apiKey Yes Unknown
Srp Energy Hourly usage energy report for Srp customers apiKey Yes No
UK Carbon Intensity The Official Carbon Intensity API for Great Britain developed by National Grid No Yes Unknown
Website Carbon API to estimate the carbon footprint of loading web pages No Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Eventbrite Find events OAuth Yes Unknown
SeatGeek Search events, venues and performers apiKey Yes Unknown
Ticketmaster Search events, attractions, or venues apiKey Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS Call this API
Abstract VAT Validation Validate VAT numbers and calculate VAT rates apiKey Yes Yes
Aletheia Insider trading data, earnings call analysis, financial statements, and more apiKey Yes Yes
Alpaca Realtime and historical market data on all US equities and ETFs apiKey Yes Yes Run in Postman
Alpha Vantage Realtime and historical stock data apiKey Yes Unknown
apilayer marketstack Real-Time, Intraday & Historical Market Data API apiKey Yes Unknown
Banco do Brasil All Banco do Brasil financial transaction APIs OAuth Yes Yes
Bank Data API Instant IBAN and SWIFT number validation across the globe apiKey Yes Unknown
Billplz Payment platform apiKey Yes Unknown
Binlist Public access to a database of IIN/BIN information No Yes Unknown
Boleto.Cloud A api to generate boletos in Brazil apiKey Yes Unknown
Citi All Citigroup account and statement data APIs apiKey Yes Unknown
Econdb Global macroeconomic data No Yes Yes
Fed Treasury U.S. Department of the Treasury Data No Yes Unknown
Finage Finage is a stock, currency, cryptocurrency, indices, and ETFs real-time & historical data provider apiKey Yes Unknown
Financial Modeling Prep Realtime and historical stock data apiKey Yes Unknown
Finnhub Real-Time RESTful APIs and Websocket for Stocks, Currencies, and Crypto apiKey Yes Unknown
FRED Economic data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis apiKey Yes Yes
Front Accounting APIs Front accounting is multilingual and multicurrency software for small businesses OAuth Yes Yes
Hotstoks Stock market data powered by SQL apiKey Yes Yes
IEX Cloud Realtime & Historical Stock and Market Data apiKey Yes Yes
IG Spreadbetting and CFD Market Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Indian Mutual Fund Get complete history of India Mutual Funds Data No Yes Unknown
Intrinio A wide selection of financial data feeds apiKey Yes Unknown
Klarna Klarna payment and shopping service apiKey Yes Unknown
MercadoPago Mercado Pago API reference - all the information you need to develop your integrations apiKey Yes Unknown
Mono Connect with users’ bank accounts and access transaction data in Africa apiKey Yes Unknown
Moov The Moov API makes it simple for platforms to send, receive, and store money apiKey Yes Unknown
Nordigen Connect to bank accounts using official bank APIs and get raw transaction data apiKey Yes Unknown
OpenFIGI Equity, index, futures, options symbology from Bloomberg LP apiKey Yes Yes
Plaid Connect with user's bank accounts and access transaction data apiKey YES Run in Postman
Polygon Historical stock market data apiKey Yes Unknown
Portfolio Optimizer Portfolio analysis and optimization No Yes Yes
Razorpay IFSC Indian Financial Systems Code (Bank Branch Codes) No Yes Unknown
Real Time Finance Websocket API to access realtime stock data apiKey No Unknown
SEC EDGAR Data API to access annual reports of public US companies No Yes Yes
SmartAPI Gain access to set of and create end-to-end broking services apiKey Yes Unknown
StockData Real-Time, Intraday & Historical Market Data, News and Sentiment API apiKey Yes Yes
Styvio Realtime and historical stock data and current stock sentiment apiKey Yes Unknown
Tax Data API Instant VAT number and tax validation across the globe apiKey Yes Unkown
Tradier US equity/option market data (delayed, intraday, historical) OAuth Yes Yes
Twelve Data Stock market data (real-time & historical) apiKey Yes Unknown
WallstreetBets WallstreetBets Stock Comments Sentiment Analysis No Yes Unknown
Yahoo Finance Real time low latency Yahoo Finance API for stock market, crypto currencies, and currency exchange apiKey Yes Yes
YNAB Budgeting & Planning OAuth Yes Yes
Zoho Books Online accounting software, built for your business OAuth Yes Unknown

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Food & Drink

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
BaconMockup Resizable bacon placeholder images No Yes Yes
Chomp Data about various grocery products and foods apiKey Yes Unknown
Coffee Random pictures of coffee No Yes Unknown
Edamam nutrition Nutrition Analysis apiKey Yes Unknown
Edamam recipes Recipe Search apiKey Yes Unknown
Foodish Random pictures of food dishes No Yes Yes
Fruityvice Data about all kinds of fruit No Yes Unknown
Kroger Supermarket Data apiKey Yes Unknown
LCBO Alcohol apiKey Yes Unknown
Open Brewery DB Breweries, Cideries and Craft Beer Bottle Shops No Yes Yes
Open Food Facts Food Products Database No Yes Unknown
PunkAPI Brewdog Beer Recipes No Yes Unknown
Rustybeer Beer brewing tools No Yes No
Spoonacular Recipes, Food Products, and Meal Planning apiKey Yes Unknown
Systembolaget Govornment owned liqour store in Sweden apiKey Yes Unknown
TacoFancy Community-driven taco database No No Unknown
Tasty API to query data about recipe, plan, ingredients apiKey Yes Unknown
The Report of the Week Food & Drink Reviews No Yes Unknown
TheCocktailDB Cocktail Recipes apiKey Yes Yes
TheMealDB Meal Recipes apiKey Yes Yes
Untappd Social beer sharing OAuth Yes Unknown
What's on the menu? NYPL human-transcribed historical menu collection apiKey No Unknown
WhiskyHunter Past online whisky auctions statistical data No Yes Unknown
Zestful Parse recipe ingredients apiKey Yes Yes

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Games & Comics

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Age of Empires II Get information about Age of Empires II resources No Yes No
AmiiboAPI Nintendo Amiibo Information No Yes Yes
Animal Crossing: New Horizons API for critters, fossils, art, music, furniture and villagers No Yes Unknown
Autochess VNG Rest Api for Autochess VNG No Yes Yes
Barter.VG Provides information about Game, DLC, Bundles, Giveaways, Trading No Yes Yes
Battle.net Diablo III, Hearthstone, StarCraft II and World of Warcraft game data APIs OAuth Yes Yes
Board Game Geek Board games, RPG and videogames No Yes No
Brawl Stars Brawl Stars Game Information apiKey Yes Unknown
Bugsnax Get information about Bugsnax No Yes Yes
CheapShark Steam/PC Game Prices and Deals No Yes Yes
Chess.com Chess.com read-only REST API No Yes Unknown
Chuck Norris Database Jokes No No Unknown
Clash of Clans Clash of Clans Game Information apiKey Yes Unknown
Clash Royale Clash Royale Game Information apiKey Yes Unknown
Comic Vine Comics No Yes Unknown
Crafatar API for Minecraft skins and faces No Yes Yes
Cross Universe Cross Universe Card Data No Yes Yes
Deck of Cards Deck of Cards No No Unknown
Destiny The Game Bungie Platform API apiKey Yes Unknown
Digimon Information Provides information about digimon creatures No Yes Unknown
Digimon TCG Search for Digimon cards in digimoncard.io No Yes Unknown
Disney Information of Disney characters No Yes Yes
Dota 2 Provides information about Player stats , Match stats, Rankings for Dota 2 apiKey Yes Unknown
Dungeons and Dragons Reference for 5th edition spells, classes, monsters, and more No No No
Dungeons and Dragons (Alternate) Includes all monsters and spells from the SRD (System Reference Document) as well as a search API No Yes Yes
Eve Online Third-Party Developer Documentation OAuth Yes Unknown
FFXIV Collect Final Fantasy XIV data on collectables No Yes Yes
FIFA Ultimate Team FIFA Ultimate Team items API No Yes Unknown
Final Fantasy XIV Final Fantasy XIV Game data API No Yes Yes
Fortnite Fortnite Stats apiKey Yes Unknown
Forza Show random image of car from Forza No Yes Unknown
FreeToGame Free-To-Play Games Database No Yes Yes
Fun Facts Random Fun Facts No Yes Yes
FunTranslations Translate Text into funny languages No Yes Yes
GamerPower Game Giveaways Tracker No Yes Yes
GDBrowser Easy way to use the Geometry Dash Servers No Yes Unknown
Geek-Jokes Fetch a random geeky/programming related joke for use in all sorts of applications No Yes Yes
Genshin Impact Genshin Impact game data No Yes Yes
Giant Bomb Video Games apiKey Yes Unknown
GraphQL Pokemon GraphQL powered Pokemon API. Supports generations 1 through 8 No Yes Yes
Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars 2 Game Information apiKey Yes Unknown
GW2Spidy GW2Spidy API, Items data on the Guild Wars 2 Trade Market No Yes Unknown
Halo Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2 Information apiKey Yes Unknown
Hearthstone Hearthstone Cards Information X-Mashape-Key Yes Unknown
Humble Bundle Humble Bundle's current bundles apiKey Yes Unknown
Humor Humor, Jokes, and Memes apiKey Yes Unknown
Hypixel Hypixel player stats apiKey Yes Unknown
Hyrule Compendium Data on all interactive items from The Legend of Zelda: BOTW No Yes Unknown
Hytale Hytale blog posts and jobs No Yes Unknown
IGDB.com Video Game Database apiKey Yes Unknown
JokeAPI Programming, Miscellaneous and Dark Jokes No Yes Yes
Jokes One Joke of the day and large category of jokes accessible via REST API apiKey Yes Yes
Jservice Jeopardy Question Database No No Unknown
Lichess Access to all data of users, games, puzzles and etc on Lichess OAuth Yes Unknown
Magic The Gathering Magic The Gathering Game Information No No Unknown
Mario Kart Tour API for Drivers, Karts, Gliders and Courses OAuth Yes Unknown
Marvel Marvel Comics apiKey Yes Unknown
Minecraft Server Status API to get Information about a Minecraft Server No Yes No
MMO Games MMO Games Database, News and Giveaways No Yes No
mod.io Cross Platform Mod API apiKey Yes Unknown
Mojang Mojang / Minecraft API apiKey Yes Unknown
Monster Hunter World Monster Hunter World data No Yes Yes
Open Trivia Trivia Questions No Yes Unknown
PandaScore E-sports games and results apiKey Yes Unknown
Path of Exile Path of Exile Game Information OAuth Yes Unknown
PlayerDB Query Minecraft, Steam and XBox Accounts No Yes Unknown
Pokéapi Pokémon Information No Yes Unknown
PokéAPI (GraphQL) The Unofficial GraphQL for PokeAPI No Yes Yes
Pokémon TCG Pokémon TCG Information No Yes Unknown
Psychonauts Psychonauts World Characters Information and PSI Powers No Yes Yes
PUBG Access in-game PUBG data apiKey Yes Yes
Puyo Nexus Puyo Puyo information from Puyo Nexus Wiki No Yes Yes
quizapi.io Access to various kind of quiz questions apiKey Yes Yes
Raider Provides detailed character and guild rankings for Raiding and Mythic+ content in World of Warcraft No Yes Unknown
RAWG.io 500,000+ games for 50 platforms including mobiles apiKey Yes Unknown
Rick and Morty All the Rick and Morty information, including images No Yes Yes
Riot Games League of Legends Game Information apiKey Yes Unknown
RPS 101 Rock, Paper, Scissors with 101 objects No Yes Yes
RuneScape RuneScape and OSRS RPGs information No Yes No
Sakura CardCaptor Sakura CardCaptor Cards Information No Yes Unknown
Scryfall Magic: The Gathering database No Yes Yes
SpaceTradersAPI A playable inter-galactic space trading MMOAPI OAuth Yes Yes
Steam Steam Web API documentation apiKey Yes No
Steam Internal Steam Web API documentation No Yes No
SuperHeroes All SuperHeroes and Villains data from all universes under a single API apiKey Yes Unknown
TCGdex Multi languages Pokémon TCG Information No Yes Yes
Tebex Tebex API for information about game purchases X-Mashape-Key Yes No
TETR.IO TETR.IO Tetra Channel API No Yes Unknown
Tronald Dump The dumbest things Donald Trump has ever said No Yes Unknown
Universalis Final Fantasy XIV market board data No Yes Yes
Valorant (non-official) An extensive API containing data of most Valorant in-game items, assets and more No Yes Unknown
Warface (non-official) Official API proxy with better data structure and more features No Yes No
Wargaming.net Wargaming.net info and stats apiKey Yes No
When is next MCU film Upcoming MCU film information No Yes Unknown
xkcd Retrieve xkcd comics as JSON No Yes No
Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Information No Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Abstract IP Geolocation Geolocate website visitors from their IPs apiKey Yes Yes
Actinia Grass GIS Actinia is an open source REST API for geographical data that uses GRASS GIS apiKey Yes Unknown
administrative-divisons-db Get all administrative divisions of a country No Yes Yes
adresse.data.gouv.fr Address database of France, geocoding and reverse No Yes Unknown
Airtel IP IP Geolocation API. Collecting data from multiple sources No Yes Unknown
Apiip Get location information by IP address apiKey Yes Yes
apilayer ipstack Locate and identify website visitors by IP address apiKey Yes Unknown
Battuta A (country/region/city) in-cascade location API apiKey No Unknown
BigDataCloud Provides fast and accurate IP geolocation APIs along with security checks and confidence area apiKey Yes Unknown
Bing Maps Create/customize digital maps based on Bing Maps data apiKey Yes Unknown
bng2latlong Convert British OSGB36 easting and northing (British National Grid) to WGS84 latitude and longitude No Yes Yes
Cartes.io Create maps and markers for anything No Yes Unknown
Cep.la Brazil RESTful API to find information about streets, zip codes, neighborhoods, cities and states No No Unknown
CitySDK Open APIs for select European cities No Yes Unknown
Country Get your visitor's country from their IP No Yes Yes
CountryStateCity World countries, states, regions, provinces, cities & towns in JSON, SQL, XML, YAML, & CSV format apiKey Yes Yes
Ducks Unlimited API explorer that gives a query URL with a JSON response of locations and cities No Yes No
FreeGeoIP Free geo ip information, no registration required. 15k/hour rate limit No Yes Yes
GeoApi French geographical data No Yes Unknown
Geoapify Forward and reverse geocoding, address autocomplete apiKey Yes Yes
Geocod.io Address geocoding / reverse geocoding in bulk apiKey Yes Unknown
Geocode.xyz Provides worldwide forward/reverse geocoding, batch geocoding and geoparsing No Yes Unknown
Geocodify.com Worldwide geocoding, geoparsing and autocomplete for addresses apiKey Yes Yes
Geodata.gov.gr Open geospatial data and API service for Greece No Yes Unknown
GeoDataSource Geocoding of city name by using latitude and longitude coordinates apiKey Yes Unknown
GeoDB Cities Get global city, region, and country data apiKey Yes Unknown
GeographQL A Country, State, and City GraphQL API No Yes Yes
GeoJS IP geolocation with ChatOps integration No Yes Yes
Geokeo Geokeo geocoding service- with 2500 free api requests daily No Yes Yes
GeoNames Place names and other geographical data No No Unknown
geoPlugin IP geolocation and currency conversion No Yes Yes
Google Earth Engine A cloud-based platform for planetary-scale environmental data analysis apiKey Yes Unknown
Google Maps Create/customize digital maps based on Google Maps data apiKey Yes Unknown
Graph Countries Country-related data like currencies, languages, flags, regions+subregions and bordering countries No Yes Unknown
HelloSalut Get hello translation following user language No Yes Unknown
HERE Maps Create/customize digital maps based on HERE Maps data apiKey Yes Unknown
Hirak IP to Country Ip to location with country code, currency code & currency name, fast response, unlimited requests apiKey Yes Unknown
Hong Kong GeoData Store API for accessing geo-data of Hong Kong No Yes Unknown
IBGE Aggregate services of IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) No Yes Unknown
IP 2 Country Map an IP to a country No Yes Unknown
IP Address Details Find geolocation with ip address No Yes Unknown
IP Vigilante Free IP Geolocation API No Yes Unknown
ip-api Find location with IP address or domain No No Unknown
IP2Location IP geolocation web service to get more than 55 parameters apiKey Yes Unknown
IP2Proxy Detect proxy and VPN using IP address apiKey Yes Unknown
ipapi.co Find IP address location information No Yes Yes
ipapi.com Real-time Geolocation & Reverse IP Lookup REST API apiKey Yes Unknown
IPGEO Unlimited free IP Address API with useful information No Yes Unknown
ipgeolocation IP Geolocation AP with free plan 30k requests per month apiKey Yes Yes
IPInfoDB Free Geolocation tools and APIs for country, region, city and time zone lookup by IP address apiKey Yes Unknown
ipstack Locate and identify website visitors by IP address apiKey Yes Unknown
Kakao Maps Kakao Maps provide multiple APIs for Korean maps apiKey Yes Unknown
keycdn IP Location Finder Get the IP geolocation data through the simple REST API. All the responses are JSON encoded apiKey Yes Unknown
LocationIQ Provides forward/reverse geocoding and batch geocoding apiKey Yes Yes
Longdo Map Interactive map with detailed places and information portal in Thailand apiKey Yes Yes
Mapbox Create/customize beautiful digital maps apiKey Yes Unknown
MapQuest To access tools and resources to map the world apiKey Yes No
Mexico Mexico RESTful zip codes API No Yes Unknown
Nominatim Provides worldwide forward / reverse geocoding No Yes Yes
One Map, Singapore Singapore Land Authority REST API services for Singapore addresses apiKey Yes Unknown
OnWater Determine if a lat/lon is on water or land No Yes Unknown
Open Topo Data Elevation and ocean depth for a latitude and longitude No Yes No
OpenCage Forward and reverse geocoding using open data apiKey Yes Yes
openrouteservice.org Directions, POIs, isochrones, geocoding (+reverse), elevation, and more apiKey Yes Unknown
OpenStreetMap Navigation, geolocation and geographical data OAuth No Unknown
Pinball Map A crowdsourced map of public pinball machines No Yes Yes
positionstack Forward & Reverse Batch Geocoding REST API apiKey Yes Unknown
Postali Mexico Zip Codes API No Yes Yes
PostcodeData.nl Provide geolocation data based on postcode for Dutch addresses No No Unknown
Postcodes.io Postcode lookup & Geolocation for the UK No Yes Yes
Queimadas INPE Access to heat focus data (probable wildfire) No Yes Unknown
REST Countries Get information about countries via a RESTful API No Yes Yes
RoadGoat Cities Cities content & photos API apiKey Yes No
Rwanda Locations Rwanda Provences, Districts, Cities, Capital City, Sector, cells, villages and streets No Yes Unknown
SLF German city, country, river, database No Yes Yes
SpotSense Add location based interactions to your mobile app apiKey Yes Unknown
Telize Telize offers location information from any IP address apiKey Yes Yes
TomTom Maps, Directions, Places and Traffic APIs apiKey Yes Yes
Uebermaps Discover and share maps with friends apiKey Yes Unknown
US ZipCode Validate and append data for any US ZipCode apiKey Yes Yes
Utah AGRC Utah Web API for geocoding Utah addresses apiKey Yes Unknown
ViaCep Brazil RESTful zip codes API No Yes Unknown
What3Words Three words as rememberable and unique coordinates worldwide apiKey Yes Unknown
Yandex.Maps Geocoder Use geocoding to get an object's coordinates from its address apiKey Yes Unknown
ZipCodeAPI US zip code distance, radius and location API apiKey Yes Unknown
Zippopotam.us Get information about place such as country, city, state, etc No No Unknown
Ziptastic Get the country, state, and city of any US zip-code No Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Bank Negara Malaysia Open Data Malaysia Central Bank Open Data No Yes Unknown
BCLaws Access to the laws of British Columbia No No Unknown
Brazil Community driven API for Brazil Public Data No Yes Yes
Brazil Central Bank Open Data Brazil Central Bank Open Data No Yes Unknown
Brazil Receita WS Consult companies by CNPJ for Brazilian companies No Yes Unknown
Brazilian Chamber of Deputies Open Data Provides legislative information in Apis XML and JSON, as well as files in various formats No Yes No
Census.gov The US Census Bureau provides various APIs and data sets on demographics and businesses No Yes Unknown
City, Berlin Berlin(DE) City Open Data No Yes Unknown
City, Gdańsk Gdańsk (PL) City Open Data No Yes Unknown
City, Gdynia Gdynia (PL) City Open Data No No Unknown
City, Helsinki Helsinki(FI) City Open Data No Yes Unknown
City, Lviv Lviv(UA) City Open Data No Yes Unknown
City, Nantes Open Data Nantes(FR) City Open Data apiKey Yes Unknown
City, New York Open Data New York (US) City Open Data No Yes Unknown
City, Prague Open Data Prague(CZ) City Open Data No No Unknown
City, Toronto Open Data Toronto (CA) City Open Data No Yes Yes
Code.gov The primary platform for Open Source and code sharing for the U.S. Federal Government apiKey Yes Unknown
Colorado Information Marketplace Colorado State Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Data USA US Public Data No Yes Unknown
Data.gov US Government Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Data.parliament.uk Contains live datasets including information about petitions, bills, MP votes, attendance and more No No Unknown
Deutscher Bundestag DIP This API provides read access to DIP entities (e.g. activities, persons, printed material) apiKey Yes Unknown
District of Columbia Open Data Contains D.C. government public datasets, including crime, GIS, financial data, and so on No Yes Unknown
EPA Web services and data sets from the US Environmental Protection Agency No Yes Unknown
FBI Wanted Access information on the FBI Wanted program No Yes Unknown
FEC Information on campaign donations in federal elections apiKey Yes Unknown
Federal Register The Daily Journal of the United States Government No Yes Unknown
Food Standards Agency UK food hygiene rating data API No No Unknown
Gazette Data, UK UK official public record API OAuth Yes Unknown
Gun Policy International firearm injury prevention and policy apiKey Yes Unknown
INEI Peruvian Statistical Government Open Data No No Unknown
Interpol Red Notices Access and search Interpol Red Notices No Yes Unknown
Istanbul (İBB) Open Data Data sets from the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) No Yes Unknown
National Park Service, US Data from the US National Park Service apiKey Yes Yes
Open Government, ACT Australian Capital Territory Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Argentina Argentina Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Australia Australian Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Austria Austria Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Belgium Belgium Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Canada Canadian Government Open Data No No Unknown
Open Government, Colombia Colombia Government Open Data No No Unknown
Open Government, Cyprus Cyprus Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Czech Republic Czech Republic Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Denmark Denmark Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Estonia Estonia Government Open Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Open Government, Finland Finland Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, France French Government Open Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Open Government, Germany Germany Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Greece Greece Government Open Data OAuth Yes Unknown
Open Government, India Indian Government Open Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Open Government, Ireland Ireland Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Italy Italy Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Korea Korea Government Open Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Open Government, Lithuania Lithuania Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Luxembourg Luxembourgish Government Open Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Open Government, Mexico Mexican Statistical Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Mexico Mexico Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Netherlands Netherlands Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, New South Wales New South Wales Government Open Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Open Government, New Zealand New Zealand Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Norway Norwegian Government Open Data No Yes Yes
Open Government, Peru Peru Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Poland Poland Government Open Data No Yes Yes
Open Government, Portugal Portugal Government Open Data No Yes Yes
Open Government, Queensland Government Queensland Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Romania Romania Government Open Data No No Unknown
Open Government, Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Singapore Singapore Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Slovakia Slovakia Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Slovenia Slovenia Government Open Data No Yes No
Open Government, South Australian Government South Australian Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Spain Spain Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Sweden Sweden Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Switzerland Switzerland Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Taiwan Taiwan Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Thailand Thailand Government Open Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Open Government, UK UK Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, USA United States Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Victoria State Government Victoria State Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, West Australia West Australia Open Data No Yes Unknown
PRC Exam Schedule Unofficial Philippine Professional Regulation Commission's examination schedule No Yes Yes
Represent by Open North Find Canadian Government Representatives No Yes Unknown
UK Companies House UK Companies House Data from the UK government OAuth Yes Unknown
US Presidential Election Data by TogaTech Basic candidate data and live electoral vote counts for top two parties in US presidential election No Yes No
USA.gov Authoritative information on U.S. programs, events, services and more apiKey Yes Unknown
USAspending.gov US federal spending data No Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
CMS.gov Access to the data from the CMS - medicare.gov apiKey Yes Unknown
Coronavirus HTTP API for Latest Covid-19 Data No Yes Unknown
Coronavirus in the UK UK Government coronavirus data, including deaths and cases by region No Yes Unknown
Covid Tracking Project Covid-19 data for the US No Yes No
Covid-19 Covid 19 spread, infection and recovery No Yes Yes
Covid-19 Covid 19 cases, deaths and recovery per country No Yes Yes
Covid-19 Datenhub Maps, datasets, applications and more in the context of COVID-19 No Yes Unknown
Covid-19 Government Response Government measures tracker to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic No Yes Yes
Covid-19 India Covid 19 statistics state and district wise about cases, vaccinations, recovery within India No Yes Unknown
Covid-19 JHU CSSE Open-source API for exploring Covid19 cases based on JHU CSSE No Yes Yes
Covid-19 Live Data Global and countrywise data of Covid 19 daily Summary, confirmed cases, recovered and deaths No Yes Yes
Covid-19 Philippines Unofficial Covid-19 Web API for Philippines from data collected by DOH No Yes Yes
COVID-19 Tracker Canada Details on Covid-19 cases across Canada No Yes Unknown
COVID-19 Tracker Sri Lanka Provides situation of the COVID-19 patients reported in Sri Lanka No Yes Unknown
COVID-ID Indonesian government Covid data per province No Yes Yes
Dataflow Kit COVID-19 COVID-19 live statistics into sites per hour No Yes Unknown
FoodData Central National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference apiKey Yes Unknown
Healthcare.gov Educational content about the US Health Insurance Marketplace No Yes Unknown
Humanitarian Data Exchange Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) is open platform for sharing data across crises and organisations No Yes Unknown
Infermedica NLP based symptom checker and patient triage API for health diagnosis from text apiKey Yes Yes
LAPIS SARS-CoV-2 genomic sequences from public sources No Yes Yes
Lexigram NLP that extracts mentions of clinical concepts from text, gives access to clinical ontology apiKey Yes Unknown
Makeup Makeup Information No No Unknown
MyVaccination Vaccination data for Malaysia No Yes Unknown
NPPES National Plan & Provider Enumeration System, info on healthcare providers registered in US No Yes Unknown
Nutritionix Worlds largest verified nutrition database apiKey Yes Unknown
Open Data NHS Scotland Medical reference data and statistics by Public Health Scotland No Yes Unknown
Open Disease API for Current cases and more stuff about COVID-19 and Influenza No Yes Yes
openFDA Public FDA data about drugs, devices and foods apiKey Yes Unknown
Orion Health Medical platform which allows the development of applications for different healthcare scenarios OAuth Yes Unknown
Quarantine Coronavirus API with free COVID-19 live updates No Yes Yes

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Adzuna Job board aggregator apiKey Yes Unknown
Arbeitnow API for Job board aggregator in Europe / Remote No Yes Yes
Arbeitsamt API for the "Arbeitsamt", which is a german Job board aggregator OAuth Yes Unknown
Careerjet Job search engine apiKey No Unknown
DevITjobs UK Jobs with GraphQL No Yes Yes
Findwork Job board apiKey Yes Unknown
GraphQL Jobs Jobs with GraphQL No Yes Yes
Jobs2Careers Job aggregator apiKey Yes Unknown
Jooble Job search engine apiKey Yes Unknown
Juju Job search engine apiKey No Unknown
Open Skills Job titles, skills and related jobs data No No Unknown
Reed Job board aggregator apiKey Yes Unknown
The Muse Job board and company profiles apiKey Yes Unknown
Upwork Freelance job board and management system OAuth Yes Unknown
USAJOBS US government job board apiKey Yes Unknown
WhatJobs Job search engine apiKey Yes Unknown
ZipRecruiter Job search app and website apiKey Yes Unknown

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Machine Learning

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
AI For Thai Free Various Thai AI API apiKey Yes Yes
Clarifai Computer Vision OAuth Yes Unknown
Cloudmersive Image captioning, face recognition, NSFW classification apiKey Yes Yes
Deepcode AI for code review No Yes Unknown
Dialogflow Natural Language Processing apiKey Yes Unknown
EXUDE-API Used for the primary ways for filtering the stopping, stemming words from the text data No Yes Yes
Hirak FaceAPI Face detection, face recognition with age estimation/gender estimation, accurate, no quota limits apiKey Yes Unknown
Imagga Image Recognition Solutions like Tagging, Visual Search, NSFW moderation apiKey Yes Unknown
Inferdo Computer Vision services like Facial detection, Image labeling, NSFW classification apiKey Yes Unknown
IPS Online Face and License Plate Anonymization apiKey Yes Unknown
Irisnet Realtime content moderation API that blocks or blurs unwanted images in real-time apiKey Yes Yes
Keen IO Data Analytics apiKey Yes Unknown
Machinetutors AI Solutions: Video/Image Classification & Tagging, NSFW, Icon/Image/Audio Search, NLP apiKey Yes Yes
MessengerX.io A FREE API for developers to build and monetize personalized ML based chat apps apiKey Yes Yes
NLP Cloud NLP API using spaCy and transformers for NER, sentiments, classification, summarization, and more apiKey Yes Unknown
OpenVisionAPI Open source computer vision API based on open source models No Yes Yes
Perspective NLP API to return probability that if text is toxic, obscene, insulting or threatening apiKey Yes Unknown
Roboflow Universe Pre-trained computer vision models apiKey Yes Yes
SkyBiometry Face Detection, Face Recognition and Face Grouping apiKey Yes Unknown
Time Door A time series analysis API apiKey Yes Yes
Unplugg Forecasting API for timeseries data apiKey Yes Unknown
WolframAlpha Provides specific answers to questions using data and algorithms apiKey Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
7digital Api of Music store 7digital OAuth Yes Unknown
AI Mastering Automated Music Mastering apiKey Yes Yes
Audiomack Api of the streaming music hub Audiomack OAuth Yes Unknown
Bandcamp API of Music store Bandcamp OAuth Yes Unknown
Bandsintown Music Events No Yes Unknown
Deezer Music OAuth Yes Unknown
Discogs Music OAuth Yes Unknown
Freesound Music Samples apiKey Yes Unknown
Gaana API to retrieve song information from Gaana No Yes Unknown
Genius Crowdsourced lyrics and music knowledge OAuth Yes Unknown
Genrenator Music genre generator No Yes Unknown
iTunes Search Software products No Yes Unknown
Jamendo Music OAuth Yes Unknown
JioSaavn API to retrieve song information, album meta data and many more from JioSaavn No Yes Unknown
KKBOX Get music libraries, playlists, charts, and perform out of KKBOX's platform OAuth Yes Unknown
KSoft.Si Lyrics API to get lyrics for songs apiKey Yes Unknown
LastFm Music apiKey Yes Unknown
Lyrics.ovh Simple API to retrieve the lyrics of a song No Yes Unknown
Mixcloud Music OAuth Yes Yes
MusicBrainz Music No Yes Unknown
Musixmatch Music apiKey Yes Unknown
Napster Music apiKey Yes Yes
Openwhyd Download curated playlists of streaming tracks (YouTube, SoundCloud, etc...) No Yes No
Phishin A web-based archive of legal live audio recordings of the improvisational rock band Phish apiKey Yes No
Radio Browser List of internet radio stations No Yes Yes
Songkick Music Events apiKey Yes Unknown
Songlink / Odesli Get all the services on which a song is available apiKey Yes Yes
Songsterr Provides guitar, bass and drums tabs and chords No Yes Unknown
SoundCloud With SoundCloud API you can build applications that will give more power to control your content OAuth Yes Unknown
Spotify View Spotify music catalog, manage users' libraries, get recommendations and more OAuth Yes Unknown
TasteDive Similar artist API (also works for movies and TV shows) apiKey Yes Unknown
TheAudioDB Music apiKey Yes Unknown
Vagalume Crowdsourced lyrics and music knowledge apiKey Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
apilayer mediastack Free, Simple REST API for Live News & Blog Articles apiKey Yes Unknown
Associated Press Search for news and metadata from Associated Press apiKey Yes Unknown
Chronicling America Provides access to millions of pages of historic US newspapers from the Library of Congress No No Unknown
Currents Latest news published in various news sources, blogs and forums apiKey Yes Yes
Feedbin RSS reader OAuth Yes Unknown
GNews Search for news from various sources apiKey Yes Yes
Graphs for Coronavirus Each Country separately and Worldwide Graphs for Coronavirus. Daily updates No Yes Yes
Inshorts News Provides news from inshorts No Yes Unknown
MarketAux Live stock market news with tagged tickers + sentiment and stats JSON API apiKey Yes Yes
New York Times The New York Times Developer Network apiKey Yes Unknown
News Headlines currently published on a range of news sources and blogs apiKey Yes Unknown
NewsData News data API for live-breaking news and headlines from reputed news sources apiKey Yes Unknown
NewsX Get or Search Latest Breaking News with ML Powered Summaries 🤖 apiKey Yes Unknown
NPR One Personalized news listening experience from NPR OAuth Yes Unknown
Spaceflight News Spaceflight related news 🚀 No Yes Yes
The Guardian Access all the content the Guardian creates, categorised by tags and section apiKey Yes Unknown
The Old Reader RSS reader apiKey Yes Unknown
TheNews Aggregated headlines, top story and live news JSON API apiKey Yes Yes
Trove Search through the National Library of Australia collection of 1000s of digitised newspapers apiKey Yes Unknown

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Open Data

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
18F Unofficial US Federal Government API Development No No Unknown
API Setu An Indian Government platform that provides a lot of APIS for KYC, business, education & employment No Yes Yes
Archive.org The Internet Archive No Yes No
Black History Facts Contribute or search one of the largest black history fact databases on the web apiKey Yes Yes
BotsArchive JSON formatted details about Telegram Bots available in database No Yes Unknown
Callook.info United States ham radio callsigns No Yes Unknown
CARTO Location Information Prediction apiKey Yes Unknown
CollegeScoreCard.ed.gov Data on higher education institutions in the United States No Yes Unknown
Enigma Public Broadest collection of public data apiKey Yes Yes
French Address Search Address search via the French Government No Yes Unknown
GENESIS Federal Statistical Office Germany OAuth Yes Unknown
Joshua Project People groups of the world with the fewest followers of Christ apiKey Yes Unknown
Kaggle Create and interact with Datasets, Notebooks, and connect with Kaggle apiKey Yes Unknown
LinkPreview Get JSON formatted summary with title, description and preview image for any requested URL apiKey Yes Yes
Lowy Asia Power Index Get measure resources and influence to rank the relative power of states in Asia No Yes Unknown
Microlink.io Extract structured data from any website No Yes Yes
Nasdaq Data Link Stock market data apiKey Yes Unknown
Nobel Prize Open data about nobel prizes and events No Yes Yes
Open Data Minneapolis Spatial (GIS) and non-spatial city data for Minneapolis No Yes No
openAFRICA Large datasets repository of African open data No Yes Unknown
OpenCorporates Data on corporate entities and directors in many countries apiKey Yes Unknown
OpenSanctions Data on international sanctions, crime and politically exposed persons No Yes Yes
PeakMetrics News articles and public datasets apiKey Yes Unknown
Recreation Information Database Recreational areas, federal lands, historic sites, museums, and other attractions/resources(US) apiKey Yes Unknown
Scoop.it Content Curation Service apiKey No Unknown
Socrata Access to Open Data from Governments, Non-profits and NGOs around the world OAuth Yes Yes
Teleport Quality of Life Data No Yes Unknown
Umeå Open Data Open data of the city Umeå in northen Sweden No Yes Yes
Universities List University names, countries and domains No Yes Unknown
University of Oslo Courses, lecture videos, detailed information for courses etc. for the University of Oslo (Norway) No Yes Unknown
UPC database More than 1.5 million barcode numbers from all around the world apiKey Yes Unknown
Urban Observatory The largest set of publicly available real time urban data in the UK No No No
Wikidata Collaboratively edited knowledge base operated by the Wikimedia Foundation OAuth Yes Unknown
Wikipedia Mediawiki Encyclopedia No Yes Unknown
Yelp Find Local Business OAuth Yes Unknown

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Open Source Projects

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Countly Countly web analytics No No Unknown
Creative Commons Catalog Search among openly licensed and public domain works OAuth Yes Yes
Datamuse Word-finding query engine No Yes Unknown
Drupal.org Drupal.org No Yes Unknown
Evil Insult Generator Evil Insults No Yes Yes
GitHub Contribution Chart Generator Create an image of your GitHub contributions No Yes Yes
GitHub ReadMe Stats Add dynamically generated statistics to your GitHub profile ReadMe No Yes Yes
Metabase An open source Business Intelligence server to share data and analytics inside your company No Yes Yes
Shields Concise, consistent, and legible badges in SVG and raster format No Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
EPO European patent search system api OAuth Yes Unknown
PatentsView API is intended to explore and visualize trends/patterns across the US innovation landscape No Yes Unknown
TIPO Taiwan patent search system api apiKey Yes Unknown
USPTO USA patent api services No Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Advice Slip Generate random advice slips No Yes Unknown
Biriyani As A Service Biriyani images placeholder No Yes No
Dev.to Access Forem articles, users and other resources via API apiKey Yes Unknown
Dictum API to get access to the collection of the most inspiring expressions of mankind No Yes Unknown
FavQs.com FavQs allows you to collect, discover and share your favorite quotes apiKey Yes Unknown
FOAAS Fuck Off As A Service No No Unknown
Forismatic Inspirational Quotes No No Unknown
icanhazdadjoke The largest selection of dad jokes on the internet No Yes Unknown
Inspiration Motivational and Inspirational quotes No Yes Yes
kanye.rest REST API for random Kanye West quotes No Yes Yes
kimiquotes Team radio and interview quotes by Finnish F1 legend Kimi Räikkönen No Yes Yes
Medium Community of readers and writers offering unique perspectives on ideas OAuth Yes Unknown
Programming Quotes Programming Quotes API for open source projects No Yes Unknown
Quotable Quotes Quotable is a free, open source quotations API No Yes Unknown
Quote Garden REST API for more than 5000 famous quotes No Yes Unknown
quoteclear Ever-growing list of James Clear quotes from the 3-2-1 Newsletter No Yes Yes
Quotes on Design Inspirational Quotes No Yes Unknown
Stoicism Quote Quotes about Stoicism No Yes Unknown
They Said So Quotes Quotes Trusted by many fortune brands around the world No Yes Unknown
Traitify Assess, collect and analyze Personality No Yes Unknown
Udemy(instructor) API for instructors on Udemy apiKey Yes Unknown
Vadivelu HTTP Codes On demand HTTP Codes with images No Yes No
Zen Quotes Large collection of Zen quotes for inspiration No Yes Yes

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Abstract Phone Validation Validate phone numbers globally apiKey Yes Yes
apilayer numverify Phone number validation apiKey Yes Unknown
Cloudmersive Validate Validate international phone numbers apiKey Yes Yes
Phone Specification Rest Api for Phone specifications No Yes Yes
Veriphone Phone number validation & carrier lookup apiKey Yes Yes

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
apilayer screenshotlayer URL 2 Image No Yes Unknown
APITemplate.io Dynamically generate images and PDFs from templates with a simple API apiKey Yes Yes
Bruzu Image generation with query string apiKey Yes Yes
CheetahO Photo optimization and resize apiKey Yes Unknown
Dagpi Image manipulation and processing apiKey Yes Unknown
Duply Generate, Edit, Scale and Manage Images and Videos Smarter & Faster apiKey Yes Yes
DynaPictures Generate Hundreds of Personalized Images in Minutes apiKey Yes Yes
Flickr Flickr Services OAuth Yes Unknown
Getty Images Build applications using the world's most powerful imagery OAuth Yes Unknown
Gfycat Jiffier GIFs OAuth Yes Unknown
Giphy Get all your gifs apiKey Yes Unknown
Google Photos Integrate Google Photos with your apps or devices OAuth Yes Unknown
Image Upload Image Optimization apiKey Yes Unknown
Imgur Images OAuth Yes Unknown
Imsea Free image search No Yes Unknown
Lorem Picsum Images from Unsplash No Yes Unknown
ObjectCut Image Background removal apiKey Yes Yes
Pexels Free Stock Photos and Videos apiKey Yes Yes
PhotoRoom Remove background from images apiKey Yes Unknown
Pixabay Photography apiKey Yes Unknown
PlaceKeanu Resizable Keanu Reeves placeholder images with grayscale and young Keanu options No Yes Unknown
Readme typing SVG Customizable typing and deleting text SVG No Yes Unknown
Remove.bg Image Background removal apiKey Yes Unknown
ReSmush.it Photo optimization No No Unknown
shutterstock Stock Photos and Videos OAuth Yes Unknown
Sirv Image management solutions like optimization, manipulation, hosting apiKey Yes Unknown
Unsplash Photography OAuth Yes Unknown
Wallhaven Wallpapers apiKey Yes Unknown
Webdam Images OAuth Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Codeforces Get access to Codeforces data apiKey Yes Unknown
Hackerearth For compiling and running code in several languages apiKey Yes Unknown
Judge0 CE Online code execution system apiKey Yes Unknown
KONTESTS For upcoming and ongoing competitive coding contests No Yes Unknown
Mintlify For programmatically generating documentation for code apiKey Yes Yes

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Science & Math

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
arcsecond.io Multiple astronomy data sources No Yes Unknown
arXiv Curated research-sharing platform: physics, mathematics, quantitative finance, and economics No Yes Unknown
CORE Access the world's Open Access research papers apiKey Yes Unknown
GBIF Global Biodiversity Information Facility No Yes Yes
iDigBio Access millions of museum specimens from organizations around the world No Yes Unknown
inspirehep.net High Energy Physics info. system No Yes Unknown
isEven (humor) Check if a number is even No Yes Unknown
ISRO ISRO Space Crafts Information No Yes No
ITIS Integrated Taxonomic Information System No Yes Unknown
Launch Library 2 Spaceflight launches and events database No Yes Yes
Materials Platform for Data Science Curated experimental data for materials science apiKey Yes No
Minor Planet Center Asterank.com Information No No Unknown
NASA NASA data, including imagery No Yes No
NASA ADS NASA Astrophysics Data System OAuth Yes Yes
Newton Symbolic and Arithmetic Math Calculator No Yes No
Noctua REST API used to access NoctuaSky features No Yes Unknown
Numbers Number of the day, random number, number facts and anything else you want to do with numbers apiKey Yes No
Numbers Facts about numbers No No No
Ocean Facts Facts pertaining to the physical science of Oceanography No Yes Unknown
Open Notify ISS astronauts, current location, etc No No No
Open Science Framework Repository and archive for study designs, research materials, data, manuscripts, etc No Yes Unknown
Purple Air Real Time Air Quality Monitoring No Yes Unknown
Remote Calc Decodes base64 encoding and parses it to return a solution to the calculation in JSON No Yes Yes
SHARE A free, open, dataset about research and scholarly activities No Yes No
SpaceX Company, vehicle, launchpad and launch data No Yes No
SpaceX GraphQL, Company, Ships, launchpad and launch data No Yes Unknown
Sunrise and Sunset Sunset and sunrise times for a given latitude and longitude No Yes No
Times Adder With this API you can add each of the times introduced in the array sended No Yes No
TLE Satellite information No Yes No
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program Earthquakes data real-time No Yes No
USGS Water Services Water quality and level info for rivers and lakes No Yes No
World Bank World Data No Yes No
xMath Random mathematical expressions No Yes Yes

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Application Environment Verification Android library and API to verify the safety of user devices, detect rooted devices and other risks apiKey Yes Yes
BinaryEdge Provide access to BinaryEdge 40fy scanning platform apiKey Yes Yes
BitWarden Best open-source password manager OAuth Yes Unknown
Botd Botd is a browser library for JavaScript bot detection apiKey Yes Yes
Bugcrowd Bugcrowd API for interacting and tracking the reported issues programmatically apiKey Yes Unknown
Censys Search engine for Internet connected host and devices apiKey Yes No
Classify Encrypting & decrypting text messages No Yes Yes
Complete Criminal Checks Provides data of offenders from all U.S. States and Pureto Rico apiKey Yes Yes
CRXcavator Chrome extension risk scoring apiKey Yes Unknown
Dehash.lt Hash decryption MD5, SHA1, SHA3, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 No Yes Unknown
EmailRep Email address threat and risk prediction No Yes Unknown
Escape An API for escaping different kind of queries No Yes No
FilterLists Lists of filters for adblockers and firewalls No Yes Unknown
FingerprintJS Pro Fraud detection API offering highly accurate browser fingerprinting apiKey Yes Yes
FraudLabs Pro Screen order information using AI to detect frauds apiKey Yes Unknown
FullHunt Searchable attack surface database of the entire internet apiKey Yes Unknown
GitGuardian Scan files for secrets (API Keys, database credentials) apiKey Yes No
GreyNoise Query IPs in the GreyNoise dataset and retrieve a subset of the full IP context data apiKey Yes Unknown
HackerOne The industry’s first hacker API that helps increase productivity towards creative bug bounty hunting apiKey Yes Unknown
Hashable A REST API to access high level cryptographic functions and methods No Yes Yes
HaveIBeenPwned Passwords which have previously been exposed in data breaches apiKey Yes Unknown
Intelligence X Perform OSINT via Intelligence X apiKey Yes Unknown
LoginRadius Managed User Authentication Service apiKey Yes Yes
Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) Programmatic interfaces to engage with the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) No Yes Unknown
Mozilla http scanner Mozilla observatory http scanner No Yes Unknown
Mozilla tls scanner Mozilla observatory tls scanner No Yes Unknown
National Vulnerability Database U.S. National Vulnerability Database No Yes Unknown
Passwordinator Generate random passwords of varying complexities No Yes Yes
PhishStats Phishing database No Yes Unknown
Privacy.com Generate merchant-specific and one-time use credit card numbers that link back to your bank apiKey Yes Unknown
Pulsedive Scan, search and collect threat intelligence data in real-time apiKey Yes Unknown
SecurityTrails Domain and IP related information such as current and historical WHOIS and DNS records apiKey Yes Unknown
Shodan Search engine for Internet connected devices apiKey Yes Unknown
Spyse Access data on all Internet assets and build powerful attack surface management applications apiKey Yes Unknown
Threat Jammer Risk scoring service from curated threat intelligence data apiKey Yes Unknown
UK Police UK Police data No Yes Unknown
Virushee Virushee file/data scanning No Yes Yes
VulDB VulDB API allows to initiate queries for one or more items along with transactional bots apiKey Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Best Buy Products, Buying Options, Categories, Recommendations, Stores and Commerce apiKey Yes Unknown
Digi-Key Retrieve price and inventory of electronic components as well as place orders OAuth Yes Unknown
Dummy Products An api to fetch dummy e-commerce products JSON data with placeholder images apiKey Yes Yes
eBay Sell and Buy on eBay OAuth Yes Unknown
Etsy Manage shop and interact with listings OAuth Yes Unknown
Flipkart Marketplace Product listing management, Order Fulfilment in the Flipkart Marketplace OAuth Yes Yes
Lazada Retrieve product ratings and seller performance metrics apiKey Yes Unknown
Mercadolibre Manage sales, ads, products, services and Shops apiKey Yes Unknown
Octopart Electronic part data for manufacturing, design, and sourcing apiKey Yes Unknown
OLX Poland Integrate with local sites by posting, managing adverts and communicating with OLX users apiKey Yes Unknown
Rappi Manage orders from Rappi's app OAuth Yes Unknown
Shopee Shopee's official API for integration of various services from Shopee apiKey Yes Unknown
Tokopedia Tokopedia's Official API for integration of various services from Tokopedia OAuth Yes Unknown
WooCommerce WooCommerce REST APIS to create, read, update, and delete data on wordpress website in JSON format apiKey Yes Yes

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS Run in Postman
4chan Simple image-based bulletin board dedicated to a variety of topics No Yes Yes
Ayrshare Social media APIs to post, get analytics, and manage multiple users social media accounts apiKey Yes Yes
aztro Daily horoscope info for yesterday, today, and tomorrow No Yes Unknown
Blogger The Blogger APIs allows client applications to view and update Blogger content OAuth Yes Unknown
Cisco Spark Team Collaboration Software OAuth Yes Unknown
Dangerous Discord Database Database of malicious Discord accounts apiKey Yes Unknown
Discord Make bots for Discord, integrate Discord onto an external platform OAuth Yes Unknown
Disqus Communicate with Disqus data OAuth Yes Unknown
Doge-Meme Top meme posts from r/dogecoin which include 'Meme' flair No Yes Yes
Facebook Facebook Login, Share on FB, Social Plugins, Analytics and more OAuth Yes Unknown
Foursquare Interact with Foursquare users and places (geolocation-based checkins, photos, tips, events, etc) OAuth Yes Unknown
Fuck Off as a Service Asks someone to fuck off No Yes Unknown
Full Contact Get Social Media profiles and contact Information OAuth Yes Unknown
HackerNews Social news for CS and entrepreneurship No Yes Unknown
Hashnode A blogging platform built for developers No Yes Unknown
Instagram Instagram Login, Share on Instagram, Social Plugins and more OAuth Yes Unknown
Kakao Kakao Login, Share on KakaoTalk, Social Plugins and more OAuth Yes Unknown
Lanyard Retrieve your presence on Discord through an HTTP REST API or WebSocket No Yes Yes
Line Line Login, Share on Line, Social Plugins and more OAuth Yes Unknown
LinkedIn The foundation of all digital integrations with LinkedIn OAuth Yes Unknown
Meetup.com Data about Meetups from Meetup.com apiKey Yes Unknown
Microsoft Graph Access the data and intelligence in Microsoft 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility OAuth Yes Unknown
NAVER NAVER Login, Share on NAVER, Social Plugins and more OAuth Yes Unknown
Open Collective Get Open Collective data No Yes Unknown
Pinterest The world's catalog of ideas OAuth Yes Unknown
Product Hunt The best new products in tech OAuth Yes Unknown
Reddit Homepage of the internet OAuth Yes Unknown
Revolt Revolt open source Discord alternative apiKey Yes Unknown
Saidit Open Source Reddit Clone OAuth Yes Unknown
Slack Team Instant Messaging OAuth Yes Unknown
TamTam Bot API to interact with TamTam apiKey Yes Unknown
Telegram Bot Simplified HTTP version of the MTProto API for bots apiKey Yes Unknown
Telegram MTProto Read and write Telegram data OAuth Yes Unknown
Telegraph Create attractive blogs easily, to share apiKey Yes Unknown
TikTok Fetches user info and user's video posts on TikTok platform OAuth Yes Unknown
Trash Nothing A freecycling community with thousands of free items posted every day OAuth Yes Yes
Tumblr Read and write Tumblr Data OAuth Yes Unknown
Twitch Game Streaming API OAuth Yes Unknown
Twitter Read and write Twitter data OAuth Yes No
vk Read and write vk data OAuth Yes Unknown

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Sports & Fitness

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
API-FOOTBALL Get information about Football Leagues & Cups apiKey Yes Yes
ApiMedic ApiMedic offers a medical symptom checker API primarily for patients apiKey Yes Unknown
balldontlie Balldontlie provides access to stats data from the NBA No Yes Yes
Canadian Football League (CFL) Official JSON API providing real-time league, team and player statistics about the CFL apiKey Yes No
City Bikes City Bikes around the world No Yes Unknown
Cloudbet Official Cloudbet API provides real-time sports odds and betting API to place bets programmatically apiKey Yes Yes
CollegeFootballData.com Unofficial detailed American college football statistics, records, and results API apiKey Yes Unknown
Ergast F1 F1 data from the beginning of the world championships in 1950 No Yes Unknown
Fitbit Fitbit Information OAuth Yes Unknown
Football A simple Open Source Football API to get squads’ stats, best scorers and more X-Mashape-Key Yes Unknown
Football (Soccer) Videos Embed codes for goals and highlights from Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A and many more No Yes Yes
Football Standings Display football standings e.g epl, la liga, serie a etc. The data is based on espn site No Yes Yes
Football-Data Football data with matches info, players, teams, and competitions X-Mashape-Key Yes Unknown
JCDecaux Bike JCDecaux's self-service bicycles apiKey Yes Unknown
MLB Records and Stats Current and historical MLB statistics No No Unknown
NBA Data All NBA Stats DATA, Games, Livescore, Standings, Statistics apiKey Yes Unknown
NBA Stats Current and historical NBA Statistics No Yes Unknown
NHL Records and Stats NHL historical data and statistics No Yes Unknown
Oddsmagnet Odds history from multiple UK bookmakers No Yes Yes
OpenLigaDB Crowd sourced sports league results No Yes Yes
Premier League Standings All Current Premier League Standings and Statistics apiKey Yes Unknown
Sport Data Get sports data from all over the world apiKey Yes Unknown
Sport List & Data List of and resources related to sports No Yes Yes
Sport Places Crowd-source sports places around the world No Yes No
Sport Vision Identify sport, brands and gear in an image. Also does image sports captioning apiKey Yes Yes
Sportmonks Cricket Live cricket score, player statistics and fantasy API apiKey Yes Unknown
Sportmonks Football Football score/schedule, news api, tv channels, stats, history, display standing e.g. epl, la liga apiKey Yes Unknown
Squiggle Fixtures, results and predictions for Australian Football League matches No Yes Yes
Strava Connect with athletes, activities and more OAuth Yes Unknown
SuredBits Query sports data, including teams, players, games, scores and statistics No No No
TheSportsDB Crowd-Sourced Sports Data and Artwork apiKey Yes Yes
Tredict Get and set activities, health data and more OAuth Yes Unknown
Wger Workout manager data as exercises, muscles or equipment apiKey Yes Unknown

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Test Data

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Bacon Ipsum A Meatier Lorem Ipsum Generator No Yes Unknown
Dicebear Avatars Generate random pixel-art avatars No Yes No
English Random Words Generate English Random Words with Pronunciation No Yes No
FakeJSON Service to generate test and fake data apiKey Yes Yes
FakerAPI APIs collection to get fake data No Yes Yes
FakeStoreAPI Fake store rest API for your e-commerce or shopping website prototype No Yes Unknown
GeneradorDNI Data generator API. Profiles, vehicles, banks and cards, etc apiKey Yes Unknown
ItsThisForThat Generate Random startup ideas No Yes No
JSONPlaceholder Fake data for testing and prototyping No No Unknown
Loripsum The "lorem ipsum" generator that doesn't suck No No Unknown
Mailsac Disposable Email apiKey Yes Unknown
Metaphorsum Generate demo paragraphs giving number of words and sentences No No Unknown
Mockaroo Generate fake data to JSON, CSV, TXT, SQL and XML apiKey Yes Unknown
QuickMocker API mocking tool to generate contextual, fake or random data No Yes Yes
Random Data Random data generator No Yes Unknown
Randommer Random data generator apiKey Yes Yes
RandomUser Generates and list user data No Yes Unknown
RoboHash Generate random robot/alien avatars No Yes Unknown
Spanish random names Generate spanish names (with gender) randomly No Yes Unknown
Spanish random words Generate spanish words randomly No Yes Unknown
This Person Does not Exist Generates real-life faces of people who do not exist No Yes Unknown
Toolcarton Generate random testimonial data No Yes Unknown
UUID Generator Generate UUIDs No Yes No
What The Commit Random commit message generator No No Yes
Yes No Generate yes or no randomly No Yes Unknown

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Text Analysis

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Code Detection API Detect, label, format and enrich the code in your app or in your data pipeline OAuth Yes Unknown
apilayer languagelayer Language Detection JSON API supporting 173 languages OAuth Yes Unknown
Aylien Text Analysis A collection of information retrieval and natural language APIs apiKey Yes Unknown
Cloudmersive Natural Language Processing Natural language processing and text analysis apiKey Yes Yes
Detect Language Detects text language apiKey Yes Unknown
ELI Natural Language Processing Tools for Thai Language apiKey Yes Unknown
Google Cloud Natural Natural language understanding technology, including sentiment, entity and syntax analysis apiKey Yes Unknown
Hirak OCR Image to text -text recognition- from image more than 100 language, accurate, unlimited requests apiKey Yes Unknown
Hirak Translation Translate between 21 of most used languages, accurate, unlimited requests apiKey Yes Unknown
Lecto Translation Translation API with free tier and reasonable prices apiKey Yes Yes
LibreTranslate Translation tool with 17 available languages No Yes Unknown
Semantria Text Analytics with sentiment analysis, categorization & named entity extraction OAuth Yes Unknown
Sentiment Analysis Multilingual sentiment analysis of texts from different sources apiKey Yes Yes
Tisane Text Analytics with focus on detection of abusive content and law enforcement applications OAuth Yes Yes
Watson Natural Language Understanding Natural language processing for advanced text analysis OAuth Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Aftership API to update, manage and track shipment efficiently apiKey Yes Yes
Correios Integration to provide information and prepare shipments using Correio's services apiKey Yes Unknown
Pixela API for recording and tracking habits or effort, routines X-Mashape-Key Yes Yes
PostalPinCode API for getting Pincode details in India No Yes Unknown
Postmon An API to query Brazilian ZIP codes and orders easily, quickly and free No No Unknown
PostNord Provides information about parcels in transport for Sweden and Denmark apiKey No Unknown
UPS Shipment and Address information apiKey Yes Unknown
WeCanTrack Automatically place subids in affiliate links to attribute affiliate conversions to click data apiKey Yes Yes
WhatPulse Small application that measures your keyboard/mouse usage No Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
ADS-B Exchange Access real-time and historical data of any and all airborne aircraft No Yes Unknown
airportsapi Get name and website-URL for airports by ICAO code No Yes Unknown
AIS Hub Real-time data of any marine and inland vessel equipped with AIS tracking system apiKey No Unknown
Amadeus for Developers Travel Search - Limited usage OAuth Yes Unknown
apilayer aviationstack Real-time Flight Status & Global Aviation Data API OAuth Yes Unknown
AviationAPI FAA Aeronautical Charts and Publications, Airport Information, and Airport Weather No Yes No
AZ511 Access traffic data from the ADOT API apiKey Yes Unknown
Bay Area Rapid Transit Stations and predicted arrivals for BART apiKey No Unknown
BC Ferries Sailing times and capacities for BC Ferries No Yes Yes
BIC-Boxtech Container technical detail for the global container fleet OAuth Yes Unknown
BlaBlaCar Search car sharing trips apiKey Yes Unknown
Boston MBTA Transit Stations and predicted arrivals for MBTA apiKey Yes Unknown
Community Transit Transitland API No Yes Unknown
Compare Flight Prices API for comparing flight prices across platforms apiKey Yes Unknown
CTS CTS Realtime API apiKey Yes Yes
Grab Track deliveries, ride fares, payments and loyalty points OAuth Yes Unknown
GraphHopper A-to-B routing with turn-by-turn instructions apiKey Yes Unknown
Icelandic APIs Open APIs that deliver services in or regarding Iceland No Yes Unknown
Impala Hotel Bookings Hotel content, rates and room bookings apiKey Yes No
Izi Audio guide for travellers apiKey Yes Unknown
Land Transport Authority DataMall, Singapore Singapore transport information apiKey No Unknown
Metro Lisboa Delays in subway lines No No No
Navitia The open API for building cool stuff with transport data apiKey Yes Unknown
Open Charge Map Global public registry of electric vehicle charging locations apiKey Yes Yes
OpenSky Network Free real-time ADS-B aviation data No Yes Unknown
Railway Transport for France SNCF public API apiKey Yes Unknown
REFUGE Restrooms Provides safe restroom access for transgender, intersex and gender nonconforming individuals No Yes Unknown
Sabre for Developers Travel Search - Limited usage apiKey Yes Unknown
Schiphol Airport Schiphol apiKey Yes Unknown
Tankerkoenig German realtime gas/diesel prices apiKey Yes Yes
TransitLand Transit Aggregation No Yes Unknown
Transport for Atlanta, US Marta No No Unknown
Transport for Auckland, New Zealand Auckland Transport No Yes Unknown
Transport for Belgium The iRail API is a third-party API for Belgian public transport by train No Yes Yes
Transport for Berlin, Germany Third-party VBB API No Yes Unknown
Transport for Bordeaux, France Bordeaux Métropole public transport and more (France) apiKey Yes Unknown
Transport for Budapest, Hungary Budapest public transport API No Yes Unknown
Transport for Chicago, US Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) apiKey No Unknown
Transport for Czech Republic Czech transport API No Yes Unknown
Transport for Denver, US RTD No No Unknown
Transport for Finland Finnish transport API No Yes Unknown
Transport for Germany Deutsche Bahn (DB) API apiKey No Unknown
Transport for Grenoble, France Grenoble public transport No No No
Transport for Hessen, Germany RMV API (Public Transport in Hessen) No Yes Unknown
Transport for Honolulu, US Honolulu Transportation Information apiKey No Unknown
Transport for Lisbon, Portugal Data about buses routes, parking and traffic apiKey Yes Unknown
Transport for London, England TfL API apiKey Yes Unknown
Transport for Los Angeles, US Data about positions of Metro vehicles in real time and travel their routes No Yes Unknown
Transport for Manchester, England TfGM transport network data apiKey Yes No
Transport for Norway Transport APIs and dataset for Norway No Yes Unknown
Transport for Ottawa, Canada OC Transpo API apiKey Yes Unknown
Transport for Paris, France RATP Open Data API No No Unknown
Transport for Philadelphia, US SEPTA APIs No No Unknown
Transport for Sao Paulo, Brazil SPTrans OAuth No Unknown
Transport for Spain Public trains of Spain No Yes Unknown
Transport for Sweden Public Transport consumer OAuth Yes Unknown
Transport for Switzerland Official Swiss Public Transport Open Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Transport for Switzerland Swiss public transport API No Yes Unknown
Transport for The Netherlands NS, only trains apiKey No Unknown
Transport for The Netherlands OVAPI, country-wide public transport No Yes Unknown
Transport for Toronto, Canada TTC No Yes Unknown
Transport for UK Transport API and dataset for UK apiKey Yes Unknown
Transport for United States NextBus API No No Unknown
Transport for Vancouver, Canada TransLink OAuth Yes Unknown
Transport for Washington, US Washington Metro transport API OAuth Yes Unknown
transport.rest Community maintained, developer-friendly public transport API No Yes Yes
Tripadvisor Rating content for a hotel, restaurant, attraction or destination apiKey Yes Unknown
Uber Uber ride requests and price estimation OAuth Yes Yes
Velib metropolis, Paris, France Velib Open Data API No Yes No

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URL Shorteners

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
1pt A simple URL shortener No Yes Yes
Bitly URL shortener and link management OAuth Yes Unknown
CleanURI URL shortener service No Yes Yes
ClickMeter Monitor, compare and optimize your marketing links apiKey Yes Unknown
Clico URL shortener service apiKey Yes Unknown
Cutt.ly URL shortener service apiKey Yes Unknown
Drivet URL Shortener Shorten a long URL easily and fast No Yes Unknown
Free Url Shortener Free URL Shortener offers a powerful API to interact with other sites No Yes Unknown
Git.io Git.io URL shortener No Yes Unknown
GoTiny A lightweight URL shortener, focused on ease-of-use for the developer and end-user No Yes Yes
Kutt Free Modern URL Shortener apiKey Yes Yes
Mgnet.me Torrent URL shorten API No Yes No
owo A simple link obfuscator/shortener No Yes Unknown
Rebrandly Custom URL shortener for sharing branded links apiKey Yes Unknown
Short Link Short URLs support so many domains No Yes Unknown
Shrtcode URl Shortener with multiple Domains No Yes Yes
Shrtlnk Simple and efficient short link creation apiKey Yes Yes
TinyURL Shorten long URLs apiKey Yes No
UrlBae Simple and efficient short link creation apiKey Yes Yes

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Brazilian Vehicles and Prices Vehicles information from Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas - Fipe No Yes No
Helipaddy sites Helicopter and passenger drone landing site directory, Helipaddy data and much more apiKey Yes Unknown
Kelley Blue Book Vehicle info, pricing, configuration, plus much more apiKey Yes No
Mercedes-Benz Telematics data, remotely access vehicle functions, car configurator, locate service dealers apiKey Yes No
NHTSA NHTSA Product Information Catalog and Vehicle Listing No Yes Unknown
Smartcar Lock and unlock vehicles and get data like odometer reading and location. Works on most new cars OAuth Yes Yes

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
An API of Ice And Fire Game Of Thrones API No Yes Unknown
Bob's Burgers Bob's Burgers API No Yes Yes
Breaking Bad Breaking Bad API No Yes Unknown
Breaking Bad Quotes Some Breaking Bad quotes No Yes Unknown
Catalogopolis Doctor Who API No Yes Unknown
Catch The Show REST API for next-episode.net No Yes Unknown
Czech Television TV programme of Czech TV No No Unknown
Dailymotion Dailymotion Developer API OAuth Yes Unknown
Dune A simple API which provides you with book, character, movie and quotes JSON data No Yes Yes
Final Space Final Space API No Yes Yes
Game of Thrones Quotes Some Game of Thrones quotes No Yes Unknown
Harry Potter Charactes Harry Potter Characters Data with with imagery No Yes Unknown
IMDb-API API for receiving movie, serial and cast information apiKey Yes Unknown
IMDbOT Unofficial IMDb Movie / Series Information No Yes Yes
JSON2Video Create and edit videos programmatically: watermarks,resizing,slideshows,voice-over,text animations apiKey Yes No
Lucifer Quotes Returns Lucifer quotes No Yes Unknown
MCU Countdown A Countdown to the next MCU Film No Yes Yes
Motivational Quotes Random Motivational Quotes No Yes Unknown
Movie Quote Random Movie and Series Quotes No Yes Yes
Open Movie Database Movie information apiKey Yes Unknown
Owen Wilson Wow API for actor Owen Wilson's "wow" exclamations in movies No Yes Yes
Ron Swanson Quotes Television No Yes Unknown
Simkl Movie, TV and Anime data apiKey Yes Unknown
STAPI Information on all things Star Trek No No No
Stranger Things Quotes Returns Stranger Things quotes No Yes Unknown
Stream Czech internet television, films, series and online videos for free No Yes No
Stromberg Quotes Returns Stromberg quotes and more No Yes Unknown
SWAPI All the Star Wars data you've ever wanted No Yes Yes
SWAPI All things Star Wars No Yes Yes
SWAPI GraphQL Star Wars GraphQL API No Yes Unknown
The Lord of the Rings The Lord of the Rings API apiKey Yes Unknown
The Vampire Diaries TV Show Data apiKey Yes Yes
ThronesApi Game Of Thrones Characters Data with imagery No Yes Unknown
TMDb Community-based movie data apiKey Yes Unknown
TrailerAddict Easily embed trailers from TrailerAddict apiKey No Unknown
Trakt Movie and TV Data apiKey Yes Yes
TVDB Television data apiKey Yes Unknown
TVMaze TV Show Data No No Unknown
uNoGS Unofficial Netflix Online Global Search, Search all netflix regions in one place apiKey Yes Yes
Vimeo Vimeo Developer API OAuth Yes Unknown
Watchmode API for finding out the streaming availability of movies & shows apiKey Yes Unknown
Web Series Quotes Generator API generates various Web Series Quote Images No Yes Yes
YouTube Add YouTube functionality to your sites and apps OAuth Yes Unknown

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API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
7Timer! Weather, especially for Astroweather No No Unknown
AccuWeather Weather and forecast data apiKey No Unknown
Aemet Weather and forecast data from Spain apiKey Yes Unknown
apilayer weatherstack Real-Time & Historical World Weather Data API apiKey Yes Unknown
APIXU Weather apiKey Yes Unknown
AQICN Air Quality Index Data for over 1000 cities apiKey Yes Unknown
AviationWeather NOAA aviation weather forecasts and observations No Yes Unknown
ColorfulClouds Weather apiKey Yes Yes
Euskalmet Meteorological data of the Basque Country apiKey Yes Unknown
Foreca Weather OAuth Yes Unknown
HG Weather Provides weather forecast data for cities in Brazil apiKey Yes Yes
Hong Kong Obervatory Provide weather information, earthquake information, and climate data No Yes Unknown
MetaWeather Weather No Yes No
Meteorologisk Institutt Weather and climate data User-Agent Yes Unknown
Micro Weather Real time weather forecasts and historic data apiKey Yes Unknown
ODWeather Weather and weather webcams No No Unknown
Oikolab 70+ years of global, hourly historical and forecast weather data from NOAA and ECMWF apiKey Yes Yes
Open-Meteo Global weather forecast API for non-commercial use No Yes Yes
openSenseMap Data from Personal Weather Stations called senseBoxes No Yes Yes
OpenUV Real-time UV Index Forecast apiKey Yes Unknown
OpenWeatherMap Weather apiKey Yes Unknown
QWeather Location-based weather data apiKey Yes Yes
RainViewer Radar data collected from different websites across the Internet No Yes Unknown
Storm Glass Global marine weather from multiple sources apiKey Yes Yes
Tomorrow Weather API Powered by Proprietary Technology apiKey Yes Unknown
US Weather US National Weather Service No Yes Yes
Visual Crossing Global historical and weather forecast data apiKey Yes Yes
weather-api A RESTful free API to check the weather No Yes No
WeatherAPI Weather API with other stuff like Astronomy and Geolocation API apiKey Yes Yes
Weatherbit Weather apiKey Yes Unknown
Yandex.Weather Assesses weather condition in specific locations apiKey Yes No

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