The original DasBlog reimagined with ASP.NET Core

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DasBlog Core

One of the primary goals of this project is to create a new blogging engine that preserves the essence of the original DasBlog Blogging Engine, we also get the opportunity to take advantage of the modern cross platform goodness of ASP.NET Core.


If you want to build and contribute code to DasBlog Core please fork this repo and submit a PR, check out the contribution docs here for more details.


You can deploy anywhere where .NET Core is hosted.

Easiest Way: Click The Deploy To Azure Button

Click the button below, answer some questions, and be up and running on your DasBlog instance in a few minutes. Once you've deployed, be sure to read the post-deployment instructions here.

Deploy to Azure

Deploying Manually

After deploying the app you should immediately update the security settings.


Check out the wiki for additional information on DasBlog Core fundamentals, architecture and themes.

Please submit an issue if you encounter any problems.