Fork of https://github.com/sm64-port/sm64-port with additional features.

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Fork of sm64-port/sm64-port with additional features.

Feel free to report bugs and contribute, but remember, there must be no upload of any copyrighted asset. Run ./extract_assets.py --clean && make clean or make distclean to remove ROM-originated content.

Please contribute first to the nightly branch. New functionality will be merged to master once they're considered to be well-tested.

Read this in other languages: Español, Português, 简体中文 or Bahasa Melayu.

New features

  • Options menu with various settings, including button remapping.
  • Optional external data loading (so far only textures and assembled soundbanks), providing support for custom texture packs.
  • Optional analog camera and mouse look (using Puppycam).
  • Optional OpenGL1.3-based renderer for older machines, as well as the original GL2.1, D3D11 and D3D12 renderers from Emill's n64-fast3d-engine.
  • Option to disable drawing distances.
  • Optional model and texture fixes (e.g. the smoke texture).
  • Skip introductory Peach & Lakitu cutscenes with the --skip-intro CLI option
  • Cheats menu in Options (activate with --cheats or by pressing L thrice in the pause menu).
  • Support for both little-endian and big-endian save files (meaning you can use save files from both sm64-port and most emulators), as well as an optional text-based save format.

Recent changes in Nightly have moved the save and configuration file path to %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\sm64ex on Windows and $HOME/.local/share/sm64ex on Linux. This behaviour can be changed with the --savepath CLI option. For example --savepath . will read saves from the current directory (which not always matches the exe directory, but most of the time it does); --savepath '!' will read saves from the executable directory.


For building instructions, please refer to the wiki.

Make sure you have MXE first before attempting to compile for Windows on Linux and WSL. Follow the guide on the wiki.