Awesome deals on Black Friday: Apps, SaaS, Books, Courses, etc.

πŸ’΅ Awesome Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals - 2022 πŸ€‘

Curated list of deals on Black Friday 2022. Feel free to add your app's deal below with a Pull Request.

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πŸ€‘ >= 50%

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Meet our sponsors

DevUtils (macOS app)
πŸ”₯ 50% OFF
Xnapper (macOS app)
πŸ”₯ 50% OFF
BlackMagic.so (Twitter SaaS)
πŸ”₯ 50% OFF
All-in-one toolbox for developers.

🟒 42+ carefully crafted developer tools.
🟒 Native macOS app, fast & beautiful.
🟒 Work offline, and respect your data.
🟒 Fully supports Apple Silicon & macOS Ventura.
Take beautiful screenshot easy and fast for social media.

🟣 Beautiful screenshots in 2 seconds
🟣 Auto balance screenshot
🟣 Auto hide sensitive info
🟣 Annotations
Twitter Analytics & CRM, build an audience, schedule tweets, and other features to manage and grow your Twitter audience.

⚫ Powerful Analytics
⚫ Twitter CRM
⚫ Schedule Tweets
⚫ Browser Extension

Table of Contents

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Developer Tools

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘ DevUtils All-in-one toolbox for developers. Fully supports Apple Silicon & macOS Ventura. 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY_2022
πŸ’° Tailscan Tailscan is the ultimate developer tool for Tailwind CSS. Build and design your Tailwind website visually, right within the browser. You can also debug your website visually in seconds and check how other websites using Tailwind CSS are built. 20% OFF, automatically applied
πŸ€‘ LaunchBuddy Manage your Indie Apps, Projects, Releases and Tasks. >50% OFF for LaunchBuddy Pro (Small)
πŸ€‘ BladeMail.app Desktop app for email testing locally. 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ€‘ Tinker2.app Easily write some testing code without tickling your source code, locally or via SSH (PHP, Laravel, WordPress and more). 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ’° Proxyman Modern. Native. Web Debugging Proxy. Native macOS app. Fully supports Apple M1/M2 & macOS Ventura 30% OFF with code PROXYMAN_BLACK_FRIDAY_2022
πŸ€‘ Deeplink Buddy Your personal deeplinks manager, made by developer for developers. Fully supports Apple Silicon & macOS Ventura 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY_2022
πŸ’° Polypane Build better websites in less time with a stand-alone browser that makes your site more responsive, more accessible and faster. Save hours on each project, love every minute of it. 30% OFF ends Nov. 30th
πŸ€‘ Azimutt The first ERD useful to explore real world databases 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2022
πŸ€‘ Tower Over 100,000 developers and designers are more productive with Tower - the most powerful Git client for Mac and Windows. 50% OFF ends Nov. 27th
πŸ’° RocketSim Enhance the iOS Simulator, build apps faster, compare designs and show grids & rulers on top of the Simulator. 25% OFF ends Nov. 26th
πŸ€‘ Cloudash AWS desktop client. Access CloudWatch logs and metrics, hassle-free. 50% OFF with code CLOUDASH_BLACK_FRIDAY
πŸ€‘ Sizzy The browser for web developers 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2022
πŸ€‘ Observer All your favorite Laravel Horizon features (and a few new ones) are packed into a single desktop application. 30% OFF (discount is already applied)
πŸ’° TeaCode Text expanding app for developers. Write your code super fast. 40% OFF
πŸ’° Expressions App to play with regular expressions. Makes your regex testing easy. 37% OFF
πŸ€‘ NoCommandLine A GUI for Google App Engine (GAE). Run, deploy, view logs of your GAE Apps without remembering gcloud flags/commands; Download your source code; GUI for Datastore Emulator. 60% OFF, automatically applied
πŸ€‘ Requestly Test & Debug Web and Mobile Applications. Intercept & Modify HTTPs Requests - Redirect URL, Modify Headers, Mock APIs, Modify Response, Insert Scripts Free for 1 year, automatically applied
πŸ€‘ CloudPouch Control and optimize your AWS billing with an intuitive desktop application. 50% OFF with code BLACK_FRIDAY_2022
πŸ€‘ Tableplus Modern, native, and friendly GUI tool for relational databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite & more TABLEPLUS_BLACK_FRIDAY_2022 coupon for 25% off
πŸ€‘ Rosefinch Organize and run all your useful SQL queries in one place. Like Postman or Insomnia, but for SQL. 50% OFF ends Nov. 28th
πŸ€‘ SQLPro Studio A simple, powerful database manager for macOS, iOS and Windows. Supports SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite 50% off with BFHALFOFF. Ends Nov. 30th
πŸ€‘ ShellHistory Keeps zsh, bash, fish history in SQLite with Full Text Search and sync via iCloud 50% off on App Store. Ends Nov. 29th
πŸ€‘ RegExp Regular Expressions editor (Go, Swift, JavaScript flavours) Pro is 67% off
πŸ’° FFmpeg.guide FFmpeg.guide is a GUI for creating FFmpeg filters and complex commands 20% OFF with BLACKFRIDAY20 ends Nov. 29th

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πŸŒ… Design Tools

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘ Xnapper Take beautiful screenshot easy and fast. Smart features: auto balance, auto hide sensitive info, auto fill background color. Other features: with annotations, image compression, and keyboard shortcuts. Fully supports Apple Silicon & macOS Ventura. 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY_2022
πŸ’° Slides Generate beautiful, animated, static websites with your creative direction in a matter of minutes. 40% OFF with code BLACK
πŸ’° Siter.io Siter.io is a website builder that lets you create and publish websites without any coding at all. It works by designing directly in browser, freehand. 30% OFF with code BLACK22
πŸ€‘ Mediamodifier Mediamodifier makes it easier for you to succeed in digital marketing and build a professional presence for your brand with astonishingly easy-to-use online tools. 50% OFF for Annual Subscription
πŸ’° HEAVYPAINT HEAVYPAINT is a painting app beloved by users for it's delightfully brutal approach. 40% OFF with code ITISADISCOUNTCANHAZ
πŸ€‘ Logology Get a designer-quality logo for your startup in 5 minutes. 50% OFF with code BF22
πŸ€‘ Icons8 icons, illustrations, photos, and music. Up to 55% off subscription
πŸ€‘ CandyIcons.com Thousands of AI-generated app icons. One click to get custom favicon packages and all required app icon sizes of multi-platforms (iOS & macOS, android). 70% OFF per icon
πŸ€‘ Airbrush AI Image generator. Use AI to create high-quality images and artwork in seconds 75% OFF - Get lifetime access for a one-time price of $29
πŸ€‘ PixMiller.com PixMiller use AI technology to remove image background automatically! Erase the background of your photo and create a png image with transparent background. 50% OFF with code BlackFriday2022 or page PixMiller BlackFriday
πŸ’° Pika Create beautiful screenshots and mockups instantly. You can design feature images quickly with iPhone, MacBook and App Store templates. You can also create code screenshots and tweet images using Pika. All templates are very customisable. 40% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY on annual plans
πŸ€‘ Flipbook Flipbook GIF Animator, Animate your figma design with live-preview, customizable speed, and GIF file export 50% OFF on monthly & unlimited plan (auto apply)
πŸ€‘ Vidtoonβ„’ A one-stop software with everything you need to create amazing animation videos. Vidtoonβ„’ comes with all resources and features you will need for your video projects. No need to look elsewhere! 50% OFF lifeTime deal
πŸ€‘ Vidtoon Clubβ„’ In need of more resources? Don’t bother looking for a designer. Vidtoon Club offers monthly resources: from animated characters, images, soundtracks, to brand new pre-designed animated video templates that can be used on their own ( with the ability of fully customizing them) In addition, Vidtoon Club comes with Vidtoon Character Builder; an extra software to customize your own animated characters. 50% OFF lifeTime deal
πŸ’° snappify A powerful design tool for developers. Explain and share beautiful code snippets with the rest of the world. BLACKFRIDAY_2022 for 30% off first year
πŸ’° ruri.design Your design superpower. Create high quality abstract visualisations for your ad. With collection of more than 250+ handcrafted and fully editable splines, curves, spots you will have unlimited options to combine. BLACK30 30% OFF with code BLACK30 on all plans
πŸ€‘ Baseline The swiss army knife of branding. Create a brand guide in a couple of minutes and then Baseline will automatically create on-brand designs for you 50% OFF all plans with code BLACKFRIDAY22
πŸ€‘ TinyDesign.io User centered design & development for Startups 20% OFF on all plans. Use the code BLACKFRIDAY22
πŸ’° SMBImg A web application that allows you to create customizable screenshots for Twitter, App Store, Facebook, etc. You can beautify a background, create a watermark, export output, save presets and automatically apply the last customizations. You can also convert images instantly and easily in all major image formats. 50% OFF with code SMBIMG_BLACKFRIDAY on annual plans for the first year
πŸ’° getimg.ai Magical AI art tools. Generate orginal images, modify existing ones, expand pictures beyond its orginal borders, and more. 20% off any plans for the first 3 months with code BLACKFRIDAY20
πŸ€‘ Purple Photo Create beautiful posts and screenshots with ZERO designing skills. Top features include handpicked gradient, unsplash images, device mockup, code editor, stickers etc. 50% OFF on the Lifetime deal with the discount code blackfriday
πŸ€‘ Rotato Beautiful, easy and fast design showcases with 3D mockups 50% OFF with code FRIDAY2022T
πŸ’° ThreeDee Level up your designs with lovely 3D libraries 30% OFF with code blackfriday20222

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πŸŽ› Utility Tools

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ’° Radar Track important metrics from your menubar with analytics & threshold alerts. Available for macOS, Windows & Linux. Mobile apps coming soon. 30% OFF with code BLACK22
πŸ€‘ Sensei Maximise your Mac performance (macOS). Disk cleaner, performance dashboard, status bar monitor & more. 50% off (automatic)
πŸ’° Horcrux Email Backup A mac app that lets you easily backup your emails as well as moves your emails between different providers when crisis strikes. 30% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ’° StopTheMadness Web browser extension that stops web sites from making your browser harder to use. And it protects your privacy on the web! $3 off in the iOS App Store and Mac App Store
πŸ’° Shelf Pin photos, text, and actions to your Lock Screen. For iPhone. Up to 40% off Shelf Pro
πŸ€‘ Recut A Mac + Windows app that speeds up video/audio editing by automatically cutting out pauses. 50% off (automatic)
πŸ’° Quickpresent App One click to hide desktop icons, minimise active apps, turn off speakers, change wallpaper, disable Notifications. get 30% off on all paid plans with code blackfridayhai
πŸ’° Glide Focus Pointer for macOS 25% off, Automatically applied
πŸ’° ScreenFocus ScreenFocus follows your cursor and dims inactive monitors. It reduces brightness and allows you to focus. 37% OFF
πŸ€‘ AdGuard Stand alone ad blocker for desktop and mobile 50% OFF, automatically applied
πŸ’° Beyond Compare Compare files and folders using simple, powerful commands that focus on the differences you're interested in and ignore those you're not. Merge changes, synchronize files, and generate reports. 30% OFF, start from linked promo page and follow instrunctions. On Cyber Monday only!
πŸ€‘ Little Snitch Little Snitch informs you whenever a program attempts to establish an outgoing Internet connection. You can allow or deny these connections, or define rules to handle future attempts automatically. 50% OFF (automatic)

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⌨️ Code Libraries

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘ lightGallery A lightweight, modular, JavaScript image and video lightbox gallery plugin. Available for React.js, Vue.js, Angular, and TypeScript. 50% OFF with code P89HB39LR7
πŸ’° Wallabyjs Wallaby.js is a developer productivity tool that runs your JavaScript and TypeScript tests immediately as you type, highing results in your IDE right next to your code. 30% OFF ends Nov. 27th
πŸ’° Avo for Ruby on Rails Avo helps developers buid CMSes, CRMs, and internal tools 10x faster on top of Ruby on Rails. 20% OFF ends Nov. 29th

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πŸ”₯ Productivity

πŸ–₯️ Productivity Desktop Apps

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ’° Zen Mode Avoid those awkward moments in public places or presentation meetings 40% OFF (lifetime) BLACKFRIDAY22
πŸ€‘ MuteDeck Reduce meeting stress and mistakes and never hear "hey, you're on mute" again. 50% OFF with code HOLIDAY2022
πŸ’° TextSniper Blazingly fast and lightweight macOS application that instantly helps OCR/copy any non-selectable or uncopiable text from your Mac screen. 40% OFF with code TSBFG2022
πŸ’° Spaces for macOS Declutter your workspace & organize it 1-click >40% Off on LTD
πŸ’° GlanceCal - Menu Bar Calendar Native Menu Bar Calendar for macOS. Your day at a glance. 30% OFF in the Mac App Store
πŸ’° Link Unshortener Mac app that expands shortened web links, following redirects until it reveals the destination URL. $3 off
πŸ€‘ Ubidrop "Airdrop for Android". Transfer files across Android and Mac quickly and seamlessly 50% off using BLACK_FRIDAY on checkout
πŸ€‘ Timemator Tracks your time while you work. Automatically! 50% OFF for each app in the bundle or 79% OFF for the complete bundle
πŸ€‘ Curiosity One search for all your folders and apps. Save time and get more done with the unified search and launcher app that keeps all your data safe on your device. 50% OFF Curiosity Pro with code BLACKFRIDAY2022
πŸ’° FiveNotes Five small notes to use as a cheat sheet from Menubar. Stays on top of other apps, even those in full-screen. 40% OFF
πŸ’° Workspaces Project-based launcher. Launch chosen apps, websites, files, folders etc. for a given project. With one click. 40% OFF
πŸ’° SideNotes Take notes on your screen side with no distraction. SideNotes is your silent helper in moments of focus. 40% OFF
πŸ€‘ Bookmarks Lite The best universal URL manager app. 75% OFF till the end of November
πŸ’° DisplayBuddy Control the brightness of external displays directly from your Mac 33% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ€‘ Wins A New Mac Window Manager. Bring System-level Arrange Window features to Mac 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY_2022
πŸ€‘ LaunchBar LaunchBar is a smart and powerful productivity utility that provides lightning fast access to applications, documents, contacts and bookmarks, to your Music Library, to search engines and more. 50% OFF (automatic)
πŸ’° GlanceCam - IP Camera Viewer Secure IP camera viewer with support for standard streaming protocols for Mac Standard version 25% off
πŸ€‘ Trickster Recently used files, at your fingers tips 50% OFF, automatically applied
πŸ€‘ OpenIn 4 - Advanced link and file handler for macOS (Ventura). 50% off on App Store
πŸ€‘ OpenIn 3 - Advanced link and file handler for macOS (Big Sur and Monterey+). 50% off on App Store

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πŸ“± Productivity Mobile Apps

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ’° Timelog Time & Goal tracker app for Android and iOS. Understand how you spend your time and achieve your goals. 30% OFF Timelog Plus (lifetime) with code BLACKFRIDAY22
πŸ’° Grace Powerful and easy-to use parental control app for iPhone and iPad. Get your children's screen time under control. 20% OFF with code BF22
πŸ€‘ Reading Time for iOS Book reading companion app. Lets you clock your reading sessions and tells you time left to complete a book. What would you do if you knew a book can be finished in about 90 minutes? 50% OFF for Unlock forever in-app purchase, no code necessary
πŸ’° Typing Hero Summon your custom messages and instantly send them in 2 taps on your Android deviceβ€”no matter if it's 10 or 1000 characters long. It has helped businesses and professionals worldwide collectively saved 350K+ hours. 20-40% OFF Lifetime License. No code required.
πŸ’° StopTheScript iOS Safari extension that stops all JavaScript on your selected websites. $2 off
πŸ’° Focused Work A powerful timer that helps you have highly productive days. Up to 40% OFF Focused Work Pro
πŸ’° Ochi Block distracting Apps & Websites on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Up to 40% OFF Ochi Pro
πŸ€‘ GetMe - The easy shopping list GetMe is a simple, fast and clear shopping list that is synchronized on all your devices and that you can share and use together. 50% OFF for Lifetime Unlock in-app purchase, no code necessary
πŸ’° one sec Forces you to take a deep breath before you can open social media. 50% off one sec pro
πŸ’° Outread: Speed Reading Speed-read websites, ebooks and documents. Outread improves reading efficiency by focusing your eyes on small chunks of text at a time. 33% OFF Outread+ Lifetime, no code necessary
πŸ’° SideNotes for iPhone & iPad Mobile, companion app for SideNotes users. To take your quick notes with you. 40% OFF
πŸ€‘ Bookshelf: Reading & TBR Tracker A beautiful reading tracker app that helps you track your library, build a lasting reading habit, and better remember what you read. 50% Off Annual Gold Membership

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πŸ› οΈ Productivity Tools & Services

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘ Dubble Documentation done while you work. Dubble watches how you work and translates your actions into written step-by-step guides, videos and screenshots - so you don’t have to. 75% OFF Pro, applied automatically on checkout
πŸ€‘ One Tab Group One Tab Group is a chromium based extension that allows you to manage your tabs & tab groups in one place. One-click to aggregate all tabs & tab groups into one session. Use code msz2mwa to redeem this while checking out
πŸ€‘ MyBoard An easy-to-use platform for collaboratively creating and sharing links, notes, and more. 50% OFF one month/year of MyBoard Plus
πŸ€‘ Timestripe Unique planner with flexible time frames that allows you to think strategically, have a clear vision, and focus on things that are really important to you. 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2022
πŸ€‘ KTool.io KTool helps you read web articles, Twitter threads and newsletters on Kindle. Reduce screen time. Improve productivity. BLACKFRIDAY_2022 for 50% off first year
πŸ€‘ Centered Get into your Flow State with coaches like Kent C. Dodds or Cassidy Williams to get things done 2x faster. 50% OFF Forever on Pro with code CYBERFLOW2022
πŸ€‘ Redac The MacOS app that makes redacting text in images easier BLACKFRIDAY50 for 50% off
πŸ€‘ Assista Completely effortless time-tracking and reporting powerup for Trello. 50% OFF Professional plan for first month with code Assista50
πŸ€‘ Meet Enhancement Suite Meet better with the best Google Meet extension 50% off any yearly plan forever with code CRAZY_DEAL
πŸ€‘ RogerRoger RogerRoger turns your email into organized tasks. Collaborate with your team in workspaces with configurable kanban boards. 50% OFF Forever on Plus with code CyberRoger2022
πŸ’° 1st things 1st A web app that helps you set priorities in your life and work. 30% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2022
πŸ’° Markboard Keyboard-centric, markdown-based virtual "whiteboard" for geeks, with mermaid diagramming and syntax highlighting. 25% OFF with BLACKFRIDAY2022 code on live collaboration licenses.

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🌈 Marketing Tools

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘ Origits Origits is a video platform that combines integrated marketing tools with one-click video player installation. One tag manages everything, making it extremely easy to manage any video inventory on the website and helping to turn video views on your website into customers. 50% OFF on any plan with code BLACKFRIDAY2022
πŸ’° Logspot Logspot is a customizable web analytics which can be used by you and by your customers thanks to embeddable analytics and Analytics API 30% OFF on all plans with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ’° NowButtons NowButtons is the tool for creating floating action buttons for your website. Pick from popular communication channels such as phone, sms, WhatsApp, etc. With our slide-in Content Windows you easily embed 3rd party booking forms or other content into your web pages. Schedule your buttons to appear at the right times and use geo and page rules to show the right button to the right audience. 40% OFF the annual plan for the first year. Use code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ€‘ Validate.run Is your idea worth building? - Create high-converting landing pages with design templates and our in-app copywriting guide in minutes and find out Get 50% off the monthly plan forever - apply BLACK-FRIDAY-22 at checkout when upgrading to paid
πŸ’° Growform Growform is the form builder that gets you more leads. Build beautiful, responsive forms in minutes. Get 40% off all plans forever - sign up, then use code BLACKFRI40 at upgrade page
πŸ€‘ Mailway Mail Merge Mailway Mail Merge is a Google Sheets add-on that lets you send personalized mass email campaigns from your Gmail account. Privacy-first & easy-to-use tool to achieve higher deliverability and open rates. 50% off on all plans (automatically applied)
πŸ€‘ Speetals Speetals is a customer-centric site speed monitoring tool. It helps website owners improve their user's experiences. Monitor Web Vitals + 3 other standard metrics. 50% off on all plans for one year. Use this code SpeetalsBF2022
πŸ€‘ UserBooster UserBooster is a Notion Playbook that will guide you during the launch of your startup. Use it to build your launch strategy and get your 1st users 50% off on all plans (automatically applied)
πŸ€‘ 400+ places to post your startup I curated a list of 400+ places where you can promote your startup and get your first users. Save hours of research for the next acquisition channel. 50% off on all plans (automatically applied)
πŸ’° GummySearch Customer research via Reddit. Discover problems to solve, sentiment on current solutions, and people who want to buy your product. Sign up for free, get 25% off on any plan with code BLACKFRIDAY2022
πŸ’° Famewall Collect testimonials from customers & embed them on customizable widgets without any coding πŸ† Try the product for free & get 25% off on all paid plans with code BFSALE22
πŸ€‘ Howuku Howuku is a behavior analytics tool to help startups visualize the complete user journey through heatmaps, recordings, AB testings, surveys, analytics, and more. 50% OFF on any plan with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ€‘ Voicely Voicely, a text to speech application that can turn any text into high quality, human-like voices with additional features to spice up your projects. 50% OFF for life
πŸ€‘ Streamr Streamr is a video and audio translation and transcription + live streaming software. No matter what video you would like to work on, Streamr supports all types of videos; Youtube videos or personal imported videos. 50% OFF for life
πŸ€‘ Appfigures App Store Optimization, Analytics, and Competitor Intelligence. Rank higher on the App Store & Google Play. 50% OFF, Use the code: BF2250E
πŸ€‘ MakerBox Marketing tools and resources for your next big idea. 70% OFF, automatically applied
πŸ’° Remo The ultimate tool to create immersive and engaging virtual events and meetings. 25% OFF Monthly Plans, Use Code: BLACKFRIDAY25 (applied to first 6 months of subscription only) or 50% OFF Annual Plans, Use Code: BLACKFRIDAY50 (applied to first year of subscription only)
πŸ’° Spinal Spinal is a beautiful and minimal CMS for static site generators (Jekyll, Astro, 11ty, etc.). Designed for content marketing teams. 50% OFF on yearly plan and 10 pay once lifetime deals
πŸ€‘ Startup Buffer Startup Buffer is a startup directory for emerging startups. The deal includes homepage promotion on the directory, social media shoutouts, and email newsletter promotions. 75% OFF, automatically applied
πŸ€‘ CampaignKit CampaignKit is an email list cleaning tool to remove invalid and malicious emails. 50% OFF on all credits with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ€‘ CleverTap for Startups CleverTap is a full stack retention platform featuring omni-channel messaging, advanced segmentation, and realtime analytics. 90% off, $8/mo for 6 months with 30-day trial

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πŸ” SEO Tools

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ’° Juicy SEO tools you will love We make SEO simple since 2014. 25% LIFETIME on all plans (automatically applied)
πŸ’° Typemat Programmatic SEO tool for WordPress. Rank higher on Google!. 30% OFF for life, Use the code: Black2022
πŸ’° BacklinkManager BacklinkManager is a link-building CRM for SaaS and marketing agencies. Streamline your efforts, find new link-building opportunities, get your links monitored and more. 50% OFF on all plans with code bf2022
πŸ’° Keyword Insights Accelerate your content marketing with Data & AI. Generate thousands of keyword ideas, group them into topical clusters and create incredibly detailed content briefs effortlessly. 25% discount on all credit top-ups between 24th - 27th November (automatically applied)
πŸ’° AMZWatcher AMZ Watcher helps Amazon Affiliates find and fix links to broken, unavailable and 404 products. 30% OFF lifetime discount Code: BLACKFRIDAY22
πŸ’° Senuto Senuto Suite consists of 5 modules and over a dozen of tools, designed to enhance your SEO workflow 50% OFF Code: BLACKFRIDAY22

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πŸ€– AI Writing Tools

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘ Mark Copy AI Mark Copy helps you write marketing content 10x faster. Generate your SEO-opitmized blog post draft in 5 min. Also provides tools to create social media posts, ads, emails, and more. 50% OFF on all plans for 3 months, only on Friday Nov. 25
πŸ€‘ SEOMATIC.AI SEOmatic is a nocode tool for Programmatic SEO to help you boost your traffic with less effort. Generate high quality AI-written content at scale. Create thousands of Landing Pages or Blog Posts with Programmatic SEO and AI in 10 minutes. 50% OFF on Annual Subscription Plan, until Monday Nov. 28
πŸ€‘ Easy-Peasy.AI Easy-Peasy.AI is a powerful AI Content Assistant that can help you write better content, generate new business ideas, reply to and compose emails and messages, and many more. Get 40% off the monthly plan forever - apply 40OFF at Stripe checkout page
πŸ€‘ AI Content Labs Turn your GPT-3 API into a powerful writing assistant. We offer a platform that allows you to integrate the best AI providers on the market to create high-quality content easier, faster, and cheaper than ever before. 30% OFF on Annual Subscription Plan and LIFETIME OFFER, until Monday Nov. 28
πŸ’° Writecream Create blog articles, marketing content & sales emails in seconds, at a fraction of the cost. 20% OFF - Use the coupon code: WRITE20 to receive the discount
πŸ€‘ AI Tool Hub πŸ”₯ AI Tool Hub is the most comprehensive directory of 80+ AI Tools curated for writers, marketers & creators. It helps you focus on creating more meaningful content and grow, not waste hours in searching for the right tools. Offer : Flat 50% Off on Full Version, Coupon Code : AIBF50
πŸ’° EndType Google Sheet Add On which uses AI to write, find and organize your data. 30% OFF for life, Use the code: Black2022
πŸ€‘ Typli Typli.ai is an AI writer and SEO assistant that lets you generate original, high-ranking copy wherever you work. Using AI technology, you’ll be able to produce original, long-form content that can be edited to perfection. 50% OFF, Use the code: BFDEAL50
πŸ€‘ Punchline.ai Awesome creative copy for Startup founders powered by AI. 20% OFF, Use the code: BLACKFRIDAY22
πŸ’΅ Neuralfinity Magic-Summary Easy to use text summary API with no limitation on input length, using a custom language model 15% OFF for PRO Plan, Mention code PRO15 during the onboarding call

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πŸš€ Startup SaaS/Tools

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ’° Static.app Static.app is the easiest way to host a static HTML website online. Drag-and-drop an archive with your page or an entire website and we will take care of the rest. Everything is included: SSL certificate, code editor, forms and media storage all in one place. 30% OFF with code BLACK22
πŸ’° Pulsetic Get notified by phone calls, SMS, email, Telegram, or Slack when a website goes down. Enhance your company's transparency in the eyes of your customers by creating appealing status pages, badges, and issue management reports. 30% OFF with code BLACK22
πŸ’° HelpKit.so Turn your Notion pages into a fully professional help center or documentation page. HelpKit helps you deliver instant help to your customers – without ever leaving Notion. It has built-in analytics, an embeddable widget, full text search, customizable themes and much more. 40% off on all plans for the first year with code BLACKFRIDAY_2022
πŸ’° Web3Forms Contact Form API for static websites. 30% OFF on Pro upgrade with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ€‘ Tryxie Visual monitoring for websites. Get notified for every change in a url through Slack, Email or a custom webhook! 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY on first invoice
πŸ’° Qualitycs.dev Audit your website's performance and user experience automatically. Qualitycs runs lighthouse on all pages of your website monthly and create aggregated reports to focus on the right issues. 25% OFF automatically
πŸ€‘ RemixFast Build SaaS Apps, Internal Tools and lot more using Visual Editor. Jump start your next project with a generated codebase and only code what matters! Choice of RemixRun or Node.js stack with React, TailwindCSS and Prisma. 50% OFF first year Advanced Annual Plan
πŸ’° SecurityInfinity Secure your website in 10 minutes in one click. AI enabled cybersecurity suite for vulnerability assessment and realtime analytics. Assess your website, cloud platform and identify vulnerabilities now. 40% OFF on all plans with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ’° Dewstack Dewstack helps you build and host your documentation on your own domain with no technical knowledge. It can be a knowledge base, user manual, product doc or anything you need to host as a guide to your end users, Dewstack helps you do that in a Quick & Easy way. 40% off for LIFE on Scale plan with code BFCMScale40 & 30% off for LIFE on Launch plan with code BFCMLaunch30
πŸ’° hirevire Hirevire can help you automate the first round of interviews. Get answers for basic screening questions via video, file uploads or text. Great for building teams when you have a short staffed HR Team. BF50 for 50% off on all plans
πŸ€‘ Hydrozen.io Uptime & Heartbeat monitoring solution with built-in Statuspages, also has Domain & SSL monitoring, supports custom domain for statuspages, supports multiple integrations. 75% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2022OFF75
πŸ’° Magny command palette Magny is a navigation, universal search and helper for apps in order to help users understand and onboard easier, faster and in a convenient manner. 40% OFF on all plans purchased in December
πŸ€‘ UserGuiding User onboarding made easy, for less. 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY22
πŸ’° Checkbot Checkbot finds SEO, speed & security problems before your website visitors do. Test your whole site in a click for broken links, duplicate titles, invalid HTML, insecure pages and 50+ other checks with this powerful Chrome extension. 50% OFF first year with code NOV22, ends Dec. 1st
πŸ’° Chartbrew Interactive dashboards and client reports to track the most important metrics from all your data sources. Transform your queries and API requests into beautiful visualizations 30% OFF for the first year with code CBBF30, ends Nov 28th
πŸ€‘ Common Ninja 50+ powerful no-code widgets and apps to enhance websites and e-commerce stores experience. 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY22
πŸ’° Disbug Report and fix bugs remarkably faster by adding 10X clarity to bug reports. 30% OFF ends Nov. 29th. Use code ITSBF22
πŸ’° Bullet Create beautiful websites from Notion in just 5 minutes. 30% OFF ends Nov. 29th. Use code ITSBF22
πŸ€‘ Appliku Easy and Cost-Effective Deployments for your Python/Django and other apps on your servers 50% OFF with code black2022 ends Nov. 27th
πŸ’° ReplyBox ReplyBox is a simple, lightweight, and blazingly-fast commenting system that easily integrates into any website. 40% OFF with code bf2022
πŸ’° Calamari Calamari is an HR management software that provides tools for Time and Attendance Tracking, Leave Management, and HR Documents System. It facilitates employees’ daily work and improves their productivity through multiple integrations with standard office solutions such as Slack and Google Workspace. Calamari also allows for planning and tracking absences and attendance through its website, mobile app, QR codes, and iBeacons. 30% off for 1st payment (monthly/annual) for new clients. Contact our Customer Support to activate the offer.
πŸ€‘ Cirun.io Create On-demand Self-Hosted Github Actions Runners on your Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle, OpenStack, DigitalOcean)! 60% OFF ends Nov. 28th with code BLACKFRIDAY2022
πŸ’° WebhookWizard Quickly build and manage Webhooks. Webhook delivery with flexibility, reliability, monitoring and debugging. 30% off with code BF20222
πŸ’° redirect.pizza Domain redirects delivered hassle-free. Get peace of mind when redirecting your domains without the burden of hosting them. 30% OFF for annual subscriptions, automatically applied
πŸ’° tail.so Turn your Notion pages into website in seconds. Tail provides excellent SEO, great performance, built-in analytics, a lot of customization options, cool templates and more. 30% OFF on all plans for the first year with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ’° Daito Authenticator Web-based 2FA authenticator for small and large teams. 10 secs to migrate from Google Authenticator. Securely share 2FA tokens with your team, no phone needed. 30% OFF on your first month or entire first year with code BLACKFRIDAY2022
πŸ€‘ Auditzyβ„’ Check Website Page Speed. Monitor Website Performance & Optimize SEO, Website Performance, Accessibility, Conversion Rates, and User Experience. Implement Best Coding Practices across 5000+ Buyer/Visitor Personas with 40+ Devices, 13+ Networks, and 12+ Global Locations. 50% OFF on all our plans with code BLACKFRIDAY50
πŸ’° PingPing.io Website down? SSL invalid? We notify you instantly! Get notified by the simplest uptime monitoring service in the world, when your website is down or your certificate becomes invalid. No more, no less. 25% OFF FOREVER on all plans with code bf2022
πŸ€‘ Kinsta Create and deploy a web application and database in minutes. $20 OFF, automatically applied
πŸ’° Formaloo No-code platform. Build beautiful forms, access-controlled databases, and highly customizable business apps without any code. 30% OFF for annual payments on all plans. Sign up for free and upgrade with the Black Friday offer on Annual plans.
πŸ’° StatusPal Communicate about incidents and maintenance effectively with a beautiful Status Page - Powerful automations and API enable you to focus on solving rather than communicating. 30% OFF for 1 year with code AWESOME_BLACKFRIDAY ends Nov. 29th
πŸ’° UpMeet Branded meetings on your website and supported integrations 40% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY forever
πŸ’΅ ScreenshotOne Take stunning site screenshots via API. Render websites and HTML as images. Block cookie banners and ads. The API uses the latest Google Chrome for rendering and Google Cloud Platform for performance and scalability. 15% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2022
πŸ’° Page2API A delightful and versatile API that empowers you to scrape the web like a PRO. 20% OFF for your first month with code BF2022
πŸ€‘ UBER ADDRESS Easy to use, typo tolerant and fast address autocomplete API. 50% OFF for 6 months with code BLACKFRIDAY22
πŸ’° PushAlert - Web Push Notifications Boost sales and increase enagagment with Web Push Notifications. Send real-time notifications to your website visitors on both desktop and mobiles devices without an app. 30% OFF on All Annual Plans
πŸ€‘ 3veta Modern meeting experience for remote teams designed by a remote team 30% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ€‘ BoldDesk BoldDesk is a cloud-based, modern help desk ticketing system and knowledge base software for serving a wide range of customer support activities. 40% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2022
πŸ’° Pagecloud Pagecloud is a website builder that allows users to create custom websites without code! Our platform is best for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creators. You can design, build, publish, host, and manage your website all in one place. Get 40% off your first payment of any plan with code BLACKFRIDAY-40
πŸ€‘ ApyHub Powerful APIs for standard data and other essential functionalities for any application. Up to 500,000 additional API requests with APYFRIDAY
πŸ’° sql2sheets sql2sheets is a no-code workflow automation tool. Connect your favorite apps and data sources. 50% OFF for 3 months. Automatically applied on signup through Cyber Monday.
πŸ€‘ BountyPage BountyPage enables you to launch and manage your own bug bounty program easily. 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2022
πŸ’° Carrd Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything. Get 40% off all Pro upgrades, renewals, and gift plans with code BLK2022

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🌏 Social Media Tools

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘ BlackMagic.so Twitter Analytics & CRM, build an audience, schedule tweets, and other features to manage and grow your Twitter audience. BLACKFRIDAY_2022 for 50% off first year
πŸ€‘ Bird search Advanced search app for Twitter - unlocks all the hidden fields and let you search the way you always wanted 60% OFF - BLACKFRIDAY_2022
πŸ€‘ Birdfeeder Twitter Bookmark Manager. Full-text search, weekly summary emails and backup for your Twitter bookmarks 50% OFF - BLACKFRIDAY22
πŸ’° PostFlow Social media scheduler and manager in your ClickUp workspace! (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook) 30% OFF (lifetime) with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ’° Tweet Tribe Engage with people on Twitter faster than ever before. Fuel your growth and boost your engagement rate 40% OFF first year or month - BF2022
πŸ’° PocketTube Youtube Subscriptions & Playlists Manager, Video Deck, Auto Tags, Filter and Sort your videos 30% OFF first year, automatically applied
πŸ€‘ Tweetsmash Tweetsmash turn Twitter bookmarks/list into automated email digests. Connect with apps like Notion to autosync & export your bookmarks 50% OFF - BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ€‘ Octomata Easily Turn a Reddit post into a video. Automate video generation including music, text to speech and transitions by just pasting a URL. 50% OFF using the code BLACKFRIDAY22 at checkout
πŸ’° FeedHive Create, publish, and easily manage your social media content at scale with FeedHive's AI-powered platform 20% OFF lifetime, automatically applied
πŸ’° Birdy Get more Twitter followers. Get more website clicks. Twitter Profile A/B Testing πŸ€“ 30% OFF using the code BLACKFRIDAY30 at checkout
πŸ€‘ tweetstreak tweetstreak is a Twitter audience building tool helping you to sustainably grow your followers. Get 50% off using BLACKFRIDAY22 when subscribing.
πŸ’° Plann Visualize, plan, schedule or auto post your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok & Pinterest social posts right from your desktop. 40% OFF - BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ’° Tweaks for Twitter Web browser extension that improves the user interface of Twitter in many ways. $2 off in the iOS App Store and Mac App Store
πŸ€‘ ThreadNotes Save, sort, and schedule your favourite Twitter content from Notion. An entire Twitter content management system built directly into your personal Notion workspace. Terms: 50% OFF for 12 months - Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY50
πŸ€‘ Away Take a break from Twitter - a dashboard for monitoring all your Twitter accounts in one app. Check new messages, replies and stats of your tweets, followers, and more. Available on iOS and macOS. 30% OFF on Lifetime Pro unlock
πŸ’° StreamLadder Easily convert your Twitch Clips to TikTok, Reels & YouTube Shorts with StreamLadder βœ” Free βœ” Easy to use βœ” No watermark. 30% OFF first year. automatically applied
πŸ€‘ Kleptofinder Have you ever had a plan to protect the visual content used in your Instagram account or website? Kleptofinder provides a detailed report on which platform and website have used your content and even selects the mentioned website to investigate how they have used your digital property. 50% OFF on Lifetime Ultra Security Plan use BFDEAL50 at checkout
πŸ€‘ Breeze Post your Tweets, threads or LinkedIn posts directly from Notion. Keep writing your content in Notion and schedule it directly from there. Terms: 50% OFF on Annual Plans - Coupon code: BREEZEFRIDAY
πŸ€‘ Twidd Browser Extension to create Twitter DM templates and use them without effort directly in Twitter Terms: 50% OFF (Lifetime Deal) - Coupon code: BLCKFRDY2022

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πŸ’Έ Finance Tools

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ’° Expense Buddy Your personal expense & budget tracking app 20% OFF all plans
πŸ€‘ Moonitor Fully private cryptocurrency Portfolio tracker for Desktop. Moonitor gives you a clear overview of your cryptocurrencies assets in real time. 50% OFF, automatically applied
πŸ€‘ Ghostfolio - Personal Finance Dashboard Privacy-first Open Source Dashboard for your Personal Finances. 75% OFF on the Ghostfolio Premium annual plan
πŸ€‘ Know Your Numbers: Personal & Family Net Worth Tracker Business balance sheet-like spreadsheet to manage your networth over time. BLACKFRIDAY50 for 50% off
πŸ’° Snowball Analytics All-in-one powerful portfolio tracker for retail investors 30% OFF all plans
πŸ’° DeltaRay MesoSim Advanced Options Backtesting service 20% one time OFF for new annual subscriptions
πŸ€‘ Cashculator Personal finance Mac app, focus on planning, tracking, and "what-if" 50% OFF
πŸ’° OptionVisualizer Advanced search engine for stock options 30% OFF

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πŸ’… Boilerplates, Starter-Kit, Templates

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ’° Web3Templates Premium Website Templates built with Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Sanity CMS, Astro 40% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ’° Cruip Beautifully designed Tailwind CSS landing page templates >50% OFF, automatically applied at the checkout πŸ”₯
πŸ’° Chatness Fully functional chat app built on top of Angular, Ionic and Firebase 50% OFF with code BLACK22
πŸ’΅ Gravity Build a Node.js & React app at warp speed with a SaaS boilerplate 15% OFF auto applied on Fri
πŸ€‘ SaaS Pegasus The Django-powered SaaS boilerplate with built-in teams, billing, a modern front end, instant deployment and more 50% OFF lifetime unlimited license auto applied all week
πŸ€‘ Nestajs Starter kit for your next great SaaS application 50% OFF with code 50OFF
πŸ’° Remixtape Remixtape is the the Remix boilerplate with everything your app needs. 30% OFF
πŸ’° AdminKit Admin template based on Bootstrap 5, featuring hundreds of UI components, forms, tables, charts and icons. 30% OFF with code BF2022
πŸ€‘ FluxStore FluxStore is the Full Source Code Flutter Application to connect to your existing WooCommerce/Magento/Opencart/Shopify website, compatible with any templates. The download package is also included the Free Flutter App Builder tool (FluxBuilder) which is flexible to custom and easy to submit the app to Appstore & Google Play 50% OFF ends Nov. 30th (Auto apply)
πŸ€‘ Notion Website Kit Collection of pre-populated templates that make it easy to setup a website using Notion. 50% OFF with code BF2022
πŸ’° Production Ready Forms Use this React Native app starter to develop a production-ready app in no time!  Production-Ready Forms is the app template with forms and whole scenes. Reuse pre-defined scenes, adjust to your needs, dive into business logic. Focus on your React Native app and leave the boring stuff to me. 40% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY22
πŸ€‘ Habit Tracker Template Track habits for an entire year using this 12 month habit tracker template in google sheets 50% off with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ’° JupiterMeet Pro Host your own video conferencing solution! 30% off, Automatically applied
πŸ’° Coupon Affiliates Pro Easily create an advanced coupon-based affiliate program for WooCommerce. 25% OFF with code BF2022
πŸ’° Ship SaaS Build your SaaS in a weekend with a Next.js SaaS boilerplate 30% OFF, automatically applied at checkout
πŸ€‘ Volca SaaS Boilerplate SaaS boilerplate built using TypeScript, Node and React 50% OFF with code BLACK
πŸ’° Django GDPR Cookie Consent Highly customizable Django app to make your Django website compatible with GDPR Cookie law. 20% OFF with codes BLACKFRIDAY22 or CYBERMONDAY22
πŸ’° Tailkit Carefully crafted, easy to customize, fully responsive UI Components, Templates and Tools for your Tailwind CSS based projects. Get 40% off all licenses
πŸ’° Divjoy Build landing pages and SaaS apps 10x faster with our React codebase generator. 40% off

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🧩 Themes, Plugins

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ’° Jason's Plugins For Carrd Plugins to power up your Carrd sites. Add features that you can't find on Carrd - responsive mobile nav menu, testimonial slider, video pop-ups. 34% OFF all plugins. 50% if you RT this tweet
πŸ’° ThemeSelection Fully Coded Admin Dashboard templates based on Bootstrap, VueJS, Laravel, NextJS, ReactJS, Asp.NET & UI Kits (Figma & Sketch) featuring lots of UI components, forms, tables, charts and icons. 30% OFF with code CW30OFF
πŸ’° Setary WooCommerce inventory management and bulk editor for products and variations in a lightning-fast spreadsheet environment. 40% OFF with code bf2022
πŸ’° IconicWP Sales-Boosting WooCommerce Plugins and bundles UP TO 62% OFF with code bf2022
πŸ’° Orderable Take restaurant orders online with Orderable. The WooCommerce plugin designed to help you manage your restaurant, your way – with no added fees! 40% OFF with code bf2022
πŸ€‘ Crocoblock WordPress toolkit for website-building professionals. up to 40% with discount code BFCROCO22 ends 30th Nov, 2022
πŸ’° Chipmunk Theme A WordPress Theme tailored to meet the increased demand for content curation websites. Carefully crafted with the user in mind, to aid in great content discovery. 30% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY30
πŸ’΅ Filament Media Library Pro Give your users a beautiful way to upload, manage and select media and images in Filament Admin. Integrates with Spatie MediaLibrary. Get 15% off all licenses. Get a lifetime license for only $85 and a single project license for only $41.
πŸ’΅ Filament Onboarding Manager Beautiful onboarding experiences for Filament Admin. Get 15% off all licenses. Get a lifetime license for only $85 and a single project license for only $41.
πŸ’΅ Filament Notifictions Pro Send & manage database notifications from Filament Admin. Get 15% off all licenses. Get a lifetime license for only $59 and a single project license for only $33.
πŸ’° MightyShare Automatically generate social share images for your WordPress site. Get 25% off all plans with code BLACKFRIDAY

| πŸ€‘ | MappingGenerator | A set of useful refactorings for VisualStudio and Rider, mostly for generating object-to-object mapping code.| 50% OFF with BLACK22 code. Expires Nov 28th. | | πŸ’° | P42 JS Assistant | Upgrade your Visual Studio Code JavaScript tooling with with automated code actions, refactoring suggestions, and more. | 20% OFF for 1 year of P42 Basic (annual subscription) with code BLACKFRIDAY22 |

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πŸ“š Books

πŸ“— Programming Books

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘ View to Composable Transfer your Android View knowledge to Jetpack Compose and use Jetpack Compose straight away. BLACK_FRIDAY for 50% off
πŸ’° Battle Ready Laravel A guide to auditing, testing, fixing, and improving your Laravel applications! BLACKFRIDAY30 for 30% off
πŸ’° Legacy Code: First Aid Kit 14 techniques to rescue any Legacy codebase out there! 30% OFF, automatically applied
πŸ€‘ Deploying Elixir: Advanced Topics) Deploy Elixir like a PRO 50% OFF, automatically applied
πŸ€‘ Debugging CSS An ebook that will help you improve your debugging CSS skills and reduce the time you spend on bugs by showing proven methods and techniques. 50% OFF with code nov22
πŸ’° 40% off all single books at Kodeco (raywenderlich.com) All of our single digital books are now 40% off - From Mobile Design, to Back-End, to SwiftUI, to Modern Concurrency, to Animations, Real-World development to Jetpack Compose to Dagger and beyond, every book you need is here at Kodeco. 40% off until Nov 29!
πŸ€‘ E-Book Bundle: Develop and Design for Web Apps, by O'Reilly A bundle of O'Reilly books on coding languages, tools, and techniques you need to design and develop web apps. Technologies include React, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, and many more. Pay minimums of $1, $10, and $18 for 5 items, 10 items, and 14 items, respectively.
πŸ’° The DynamoDB Book - Premium Package The comprehensive guide to data modeling with DynamoDB. Use the code "DYNAMODB2022" to get: $20 off Basic ($59); $40 off Plus ($89); $80 off Premium ($169); 35% off Team Licenses πŸŽ‰
πŸ€‘ Exploring MusicKit and Apple Music API The only resource you need for integrating Apple Music into your app. 50% off until Nov 30
πŸ€‘ Laravel Secrets Learn everything about the undocumented secrets in the popular Laravel framework, that makes you a better and more efficient developer. Get it now for 7 EUR instead of 39 EUR.
πŸ’° React - The Road To Enterprise Take your skills to the next level and become a React pro by mastering advanced patterns, best practices, and cutting-edge techniques for the development of large-scale React applications. 40% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ’° Vue - The Road To Enterprise Take your skills to the next level and become a Vue pro by mastering advanced patterns, best practices, and cutting-edge techniques for the development of Vue 2 & 3 applications. 40% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ€‘ Complete Guide to CSS Flex and Grid Become a Pro at building components & layouts with CSS Flexbox and Grid. 60% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY22
πŸ’° StackAbuse.com Get 38% off ($99 vs $159) for a yearly membership with access to all courses, including Deep Learning for Computer Vision. 38% OFF, automatically applied
πŸ€‘ Beginner's Guide to Web Security Become a better developer by understanding the basics of Web Security and its mitigations. 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY22
πŸ€‘ Django Books by Adam Johnson Two books for improving your Django projects: Boost Your Django DX and Speed Up Your Django Tests. 50% OFF

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πŸ“˜ Startup & Career Books

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘ "Ten++ Ways to Make Money as a Developer" eBook Learn how to monetize your coding skills in 10 different ways! BLACKFRIDAY2022 for 50% off
πŸ€‘ The Prime Guide For Next Gen Developer The book is everything you need in a typical career path of a software engineer or developer. 50% OFF, automatically applied
πŸ€‘ Zero to Sold A no-fluff guide to starting, running, and selling a bootstrapped business 50% OFF, automatically applied (PPPP enabled)
πŸ€‘ The Embedded Entrepreneur Learn how to build an audience-first business from day one with this step-by-step blueprint. 50% OFF, automatically applied (PPPP enabled)
πŸ€‘ The Engineering Leader's Playbook: The First 90 Days Take control of your First 90 days, Learn How to Lead a Team & Achieve Business Results! BLACKFRIDAY50 for 50% off
πŸ’° The Pragmatic Programmers Entire catalog of ebooks and audio books on sale for 40% turkeysale2022 for 40% off
πŸ€‘ Nail A Coding Interview: Six-Step Mental Framework A tiny book about how candidates can outperform in coding interviews, from the lenses of interviewers BLACKFRIDAY50 for 50% off
πŸ€‘ How to Build Better Portfolio Projects - as a web developer Learn to make a portfolio project that will get you hired. BLCKFRIDAY50 for 50% off
πŸ€‘ Code Reviews in Tech: The Missing Guide This tiny book outlines intentions and etiquettes that have been tested in my whole engineering career, along with examples BLACKFRIDAY50 for 50% off
πŸ€‘ A Practical Guide to Writing a Software Technical Design Document This tiny book will guide you through the writing process of a Technical Design Doc. It also comes with a real-life example of a Technical Design Document. BLACKFRIDAY50 for 50% off
πŸ€‘ Writy.io - Content Writing for Developers Learn how to write best technical content from Maedah, Sr Docs Developer for Next.js at Vercel, who spent over a decade building technical writing skills FLAT 80% OFF and PPP
πŸ€‘ Make VS Code Awesome Make VS Code awesome, then teach you how to be insanely productive in it. BLACKFRIDAY50 for 50% off
πŸ€‘ Pricing Freelance Projects If you want to know what to charge for your work, which pricing methods work best and how to get paid what you're worth, then Pricing Freelance Projects is for you $19.50 (usually $39) with BF2022
πŸ’° Remote Work & Internships for Developers, Designers and Technical Writers This Ebook contains 100+ platforms and websites where Developers, Designers and Technical Writers can find remote work. Find your remote job easier and faster with this Ebook! BLACKFRIDAY40 for 40% off

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πŸ“• Marketing Books

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘ Getting Started in Technical Writing. In The book I will cover in detail "How I Made $30,000 From Writing in 1 Year" Pre-order: only $5 Book will be released in March 2023.
πŸ€‘ eBook Writing Workflow for Developers The ultimate setup for developers writing eBooks 50% OFF, automatically applied
πŸ€‘ SEO Tactics 2022 The ultimate guide to SEO 50% OFF, automatically applied
πŸ€‘ Twitter Growth Tactics The ultimate guide to growing your Twitter followers 40% OFF, automatically applied

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πŸ“Ή Courses

πŸ’» Programming Courses

Front-end Development Courses

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ’° Epic React Confidently Ship Well-Architected Production Ready React Apps Like a Pro 40% OFF
πŸ’° Testing JavaScript Learn the smart, efficient way to test any JavaScript application. 40% OFF
πŸ€‘ KCD Bundle KCD Bundle brings Testing JavaScript and Epic React together for a special discounted price. 50% OFF
πŸ€‘ useEffect.dev Master the best invention since React itself, and take your React experience to the next level. πŸš€ $20 OFF with code USEBLACKFRIDAY ($9 instead of $29)
πŸ€‘ Three.js Journey The Best Way to Learn Three.js 50% OFF with code 2022BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ€‘ Mastering Nuxt Learn Nuxt 3 in a comprehensive and Hands on course. Build a production-ready online course platform with a database and a blazing fast landing page. UP TO 60% OFF
πŸ€‘ Vue School Learn Vue.js and modern, cutting-edge front-end technologies from the Frameworks core-team members and industry experts with premium tutorials and video courses. UP TO 51% OFF
πŸ€‘ Just Javascript Discover and rebuild your JavaScript mental models 50% OFF auto applied
πŸ’° GreatFrontEnd The ultimate Front End Interview preparation platform with coding and system design questions. 20% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2022

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Backend Development Courses

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘ Learn Programming with Go (Golang), One Game at a Time Learn programming with the Go programming language by building your favorite arcade games - 26h video, 75 exercises, 4 practical projects \w walkthrough 88% OFF auto applied
πŸ€‘ Go In One Evening Learn Go hands-on by building real projects. 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ€‘ Build 7 Startup apps in Rails 7 SaaS Project Kit with Rails made for Startup Founders, Solopreneurs, Marketers & Freelancers Pre-order: get 50% OFF - Course will be released in late December 2022
πŸ€‘ Dive into Docker The complete Docker course for developers. 50% OFF
πŸ’° GoRails Learn Ruby on Rails - Join 67,885+ web developers learning Ruby on Rails to build their ideas, products, and businesses. 36% OFF (annual plan)

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Mobile/Desktop/Multi-Platform-Apps Courses

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘ Composables.co Concise, no-fluff video tutorials for busy Android Developers Get a FREE copy of View to Composable worth of $100, with an annual subscription of Composables.
πŸ’° Flutter Foundations Course Learn about State Management, App Architecture, Navigation, Testing, and much more by building a full-stack Flutter eCommerce app on iOS, Android, and web. 33% OFF, automatically applied
πŸ€‘ Flutter App Monetization: The Complete Guide 50% off The complete guide to setting up ads, in-app purchases, and subscriptions in a flutter app. 50% off use code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ’° One-Year Kodeco (raywenderlich.com) Pro Plan for just $399 5,000+ videos, books, courses, learning paths, bootcamp discounts, and professional resources for your mobile dev career 33% off - ends Nov 29!

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Data Structure & Algorithm Courses

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ’° Leetcode Level up your coding skills and quickly land a job. $30 OFF on Annual Subscription with code THANKS2022
πŸ’° AlgoExpert The ultimate resource to prepare for coding interviews. Everything you need, in one streamlined platform. Get all 4 AlgoExpert products in one $49 bundle

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C#/.Net Courses

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ’° Code Maze Code Maze - C#, .NET and Web Development Tutorials 40% OFF, automatically applied
πŸ€‘ .NET Memory Expert Everything you need to know about the GC and memory in .NET 50% OFF with code CYBERWEEK2022
πŸ€‘ .NET Diagnostics Expert Connect the dots when diagnosing .NET apps 50% OFF with code CYBERWEEK2022
πŸ€‘ Async Expert Your path to excel at async in .NET 50% OFF with code CYBERWEEK2022

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InfoSec Courses

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ’° Hands-on Security Training for Developers Hands-on Training and Challenges in AppSec, DevSecOps and Cloud-Native Security 25% off Annual Plans with code THANKSGIVING22 at checkout

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Programming Courses From Platforms

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ’° Fireship.io Learn the essential skills for modern fullstack app development while having tons of fun in the process. Use code BLACKFIRE to get 40% off of PRO (Works for all time ranges)
πŸ’° Codely Full Year Access to all its courses. DDD, Hexagonal Architecture, Typescript, Testing best practices, Figma plugins development, SOLID Principles and many more 100€ discount at checkout
πŸ’° Platzi Full year access to all its courses: Engineering, Design, Marqueting, Soft Skills, Bussiness, Startups, English 45% Discount at checkout
πŸ’° M.academy The simplest way to learn Magento 30-40% off everything through Cyber Monday! No code needed.
πŸ€‘ Level Up Tutorials Cutting-edge, high quality video tutorials for web developers and designers. 50% OFF auto applied
πŸ’° Cloud Academy Cloud Academy is committed to partnering with innovation-focused organizations. Simply fill out the form and we’ll send you an email with your 35% coupon code.
πŸ€‘ Datacamp Build data skills 65% OFF auto applied
πŸ’΅ Educative Just-in-Time Learning for Developers Year-End Discount: 10% OFF 1-year and 20% OFF 2-year subscriptions
πŸ’° Dataquest Become a data expert faster with Dataquest. SAVE $700 (annual plan)
πŸ’΅ edx master in-demand skills with offer code CYBER2022 20% OFF

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Other General Programming Courses

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ’΅ How To Build a SaaS Product Learn how to build a SaaS product from scratch with 25+ hours of video 15% OFF auto applied on Fri
πŸ’° Laracasts All individual subscriptions are 45% off - including the lifetime plan. 😳 45% OFF, automatically applied
πŸ’° Reuven Lerner All 35 Python, Git, and Pandas courses are 40% off 40% off, use coupon code BF2022
πŸ’° Nick Chapsas' courses Courses by Nick Chapsas specifically crafted for the real world of software engineering. 25% OFF with code BF2022
πŸ’° Complete data science and machine learning bootcamp Hands-on Training on data science amd machine learning 50% off with code BF22 at checkout
πŸ€‘ Code4Startup Learn to code by creating real life startups like Airbnb, UberEats, Fiverr... 50% OFF first 3 months, automatically applied
πŸ€‘ Writy.io - Content Writing for Developers Learn how to write best technical content from Maedah, Sr Docs Developer for Next.js at Vercel, who spent over a decade building technical writing skills. Course and book. FLAT 80% OFF and PPP - $29
πŸ€‘ VSCode.pro - VS Code Power User! After 10 yrs with Sublime Text, Ahmad Awais (VP DevRel Rapid, GitHub Star, Google Devs Expert) switched to VSCode. He spent over a 1,000 hrs perfecting his setup to help you switch today. Bring all your custom settings and learn the power user workflows. FLAT 80% OFF and PPP - $34
πŸ€‘ NodeCLI.com - Node CLI Automation without wasting a thousand hours! After building hundreds of developer automation tools used by millions of developers, Ahmad Awais (VP DevRel Rapid, GitHub Star, Google Developers Expert) is teaching exactly how you can do it. Learn to build JavaScript based CLI apps & npm packages. FLAT 80% OFF and PPP - $49

| πŸ€‘ |(New!) Two-Year Kodeco (raywenderlich.com) Pro Plan for just $599 | Lock in for two years and save even more! 5,000+ videos, books, courses, learning paths, bootcamp discounts, and professional resources for your mobile dev career | 50% off - ends Nov 29! | | πŸ’° | Execute Program | Execute Program is a learning platform built by developers for developers, because we thought there should be a better way to learn – and remember – programming languages and tools. | 40% off for 12 months (normally $39/mo) | πŸ’° | Pluralsight.com | Get 50% Off Pluralsight - Our Biggest Sale Ever | 50% OFF | | πŸ€‘ | The Modern Dev | Build a complete e-commerce app with React, Next.js, GraphQL, Apollo, Prisma, & Stripe. | 50% OFF | | πŸ€‘ | Build a SAAS App with Flask | Learn to build web apps with Flask and Docker. | 50% OFF |

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🎒 Career Courses

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘ Building a Portfolio of Small Bets This course is a presentation of a few important ideas that will help you become self-employed, but most importantly stay self-employed. 50% OFF, automatically applied
πŸ€‘ Fast Track To Senior Engineer A cohort-based course for Software Developers. Create a system to level up faster using 4 behavioral frameworks: Learning, Practicing, Impact Accounting, ManageUp 50% OFF with coupon FIRST50, applicable only for the 1st cohort (redeemable until Dec 2, 2022)
πŸ€‘ Get Your First Client as a Freelancer A complete step by step guide to get your first client as a freelancer from scratch. 50% OFF with coupon BLACK
πŸ€‘ English Class 101 Want to start speaking English from your first lesson? You will! Our lessons take you by the hand and guide you through real English conversations. Get 51% OFF All Plans + 2 FREE Months with any 24 Month Plan.

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πŸ“ˆ Marketing Courses

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ’° How to dominate Twitter Boost your Twitter engagement with a daily routine that gives your tweets priority in the feed. 40% OFF with code BF22
πŸ€‘ Find your Following Build an engaged Twitter audience without losing your authentic voice. 50% OFF, automatically applied (PPPP enabled as well)
πŸ’° 70+ Tweet Template Skyrocket your impressions and engagement. Never run out of Tweet Ideas, Generate content for a month 40% OFF with code 40bfd2022
πŸ’° Zero to MVP with No-code Learn to build apps without coding in one week. Get Access to 120+ No-code tools 40% OFF with code 40bfd2022
πŸ€‘ Learn Programmatic SEO How to grow Google search traffic using a methodical approach. No prior SEO knowledge required. 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ€‘ The Personal Website Playbook Get leads, revenue and opportunity from your personal website on autopilot $39.50 (usually $79) with BF2022

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πŸ”’ Information Security Courses

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ’° Pentester Academy We believe in teaching Defense through Offense Enter BF199 in the checkout page to claim 20% discount.
πŸ€‘ Lets Defend We’ve helped thousands of people with building their blue team careers β€” and we’d love to help you, too. Use "BLCKFRDY" code on all plans
πŸ€‘ ICSI Technical staff need theoretical knowledge and practical training to fortify an organisation against cyber crimes. TAKE 50% OFF ON ALL PERSONAL CERTIFICATION PLANS WITH COUPON CODE BF22
πŸ’΅ Pentester Lab We've been teaching web security for years and have put together many well thought-out exercises to get you from zero to hero. 17% off on Annual Subscription
πŸ€‘ TCM Security TCM Security is a veteran-owned cybersecurity company focused on providing top of the line penetration testing, security training, and compliance services. Use the coupon code: GIVETHANKS

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πŸ’ͺ Health and Fitness

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘ Debug Your Meditation Debug Your Meditation: Transform Your Practice from a Chore to 'I Want More!' 50% OFF with code TONY
πŸ€‘ Headspace One of the world's most popular meditation app. 50% OFF the 1st year
πŸ€‘ Bolt – workout planner Bolt is the ultimate weightlifting companion. Log workouts, lift more, get stronger. 🌟 50% off annual plan. Access from the Discover tab in-app.
πŸ€‘ Push-ups Counter An app that helps you record push-ups more easily. 50% OFF with BLACKFRIDAY code
πŸ’° Fitbod Workouts that improve as you do. By studying your strength & training ability, past workouts and gym setup, Fitbod creates workouts tailored to you. 40% OFF for the yearly plan
πŸ€‘ Better Workout If you don't have time to work out and need to squeeze it into 5min of your day - this app helps you do that! 🌟 50% off monthly plan. Access from the Progress tab in-app.

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πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨ Miscellaneous

Name Description Discount Code & Terms
πŸ€‘ Beautiful 100+ AI generated Images Get hold of astonishingly beautiful 100+ AI generated Images, that you have not even imagined... 100% OFF using BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ€‘ Cypherock Wallet Cypherock is the World's 1st Crypto Hardware Wallet without a seed phrase. 75% OFF with the code NOSEED75
πŸ’° Unrealme - Awesome generated images of yourself Get 100+ images of yourself 30% with BLACKFRIDAY code
πŸ€‘ PlantPal Care companion for happy & healthy house plants 50% off 1st year
πŸ’° tonik 25% off for UX/UI, brand design, and front-end support, and another 25% off (50% total!) for Y Combinator companies. 25% OFF β€” email hello@tonik.com with β€˜black22’ in topic
πŸ€‘ The Independence Bundle All my products. One bundle. One price. Includes every additional premium resource $73.50 (usually $147) with BF2022
πŸ€‘ NordVPN Online VPN service that encrypts your internet traffic and hides your IP with physical location. Upgrade your privacy and security now. 68% OFF + 3 months free
πŸ’° Remote Leaf Remote Leaf is the personized remote job board for tech professionals. We hand-pick remote jobs from 100+ sources and send you the jobs that fits for you based on your skills and location. 50% OFF, on Lifetime Plan - Use code: BLACKFRIDAY
πŸ’° Side Projects Making $$$+ A complete collection of notion databases detailing every side project making real money posted to Hacker News from 2017-2022 20% Off Using code 'SAVER' until 30th Nov ($8)
πŸ’΅ BusKill BusKill is an open-source hardware and software project that designs computer kill cords to protect the confidentiality of the system's data from physical theft 10% OFF all orders paid with cryptocurrencies
πŸ€‘ McClockface Beautiful clock widgets for iOS and iPadOS. 60% off regular price, one-time lifetime purchase.
πŸ€‘ FilmNoir: Movie & TV Show Tracker Discover films and TV shows. Track your full watched history. Find out where to watch. 50% off the one-time lifetime purchase. Up to 40% off the first year with the code BLACKFRIDAY2022
πŸ’° Weathergraph weather widget Visual hour-by-hour weather forecast app with widgets and watch complications, made for and by outdoor people. 30% off for a first year.

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