Awesome AI Coding

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A list of AI coding topics.

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  • BigCode: open scientific collaboration run by Hugging Face.
  • Fauxpilot: Code completion server with CodeGen.
  • CodeGPT.nvim: ChatGPT in neovim.
  • org-ai: Emacs org-mode with OpenAI APIs.
  • Autodoc: Generate codebase documentation use LLM (OpenAI / Alpaca)
  • CodeAlpaca: LLaMA trained on code instruction following.
  • 🐾 Tabby: An opensource / on-prem alternative to GitHub Copilot.
  • promptr: CLI tool to operating on your codebase using GPT.
  • ChatIDE: Extension let you talk to ChatGPT inside VSCode.
  • PromptMate: VSCode extension embed ChatGPT.
  • TurboPilot: CPU based copilot clone
  • CodeCapybara: Open Source LLaMA Model that Follow Instruction-Tuning for Code Generation.
  • CodeTF: A One-stop Transformer Library for State-of-the-art Code LLM
  • Rift: A opensource LSP leveraging edge language model.
  • Octopack
  • Bloop: bloop is a (AI-powered) fast code search engine written in Rust.
  • Twinny: ollama based AI code completion plugin


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