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Some pre-commit hooks for OpenMMLab projects.

Using pre-commit-hooks with pre-commit

Add this to your .pre-commit-config.yaml

-   repo: https://github.com/zhouzaida/pre-commit-hooks
    rev: v0.1.0  # Use the ref you want to point at
    -   id: check-algo-readme
    -   id: check-copyright
        args: ["dir_to_check"]  # replace the dir_to_check with your expected directory to check

Hooks available


A template to show how to implement a pre-commit hook


Check whether the abstract and icon exist in the algorithm readme.

  • --debug - print details of abstract and icon in dict format.
  • --dry-run - just dry run, igonre failed use case.
  • --model-index ${MODEL_INDEX} - custom model-index file path.


Check whether the code contains copyright

  • includes - directory to add copyright.
  • --excludes - exclude directory.
  • --suffixes - copyright will be added to files with suffix.